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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whewe!! Did Somebody Just Run Over A Skunk???

As part of my promise to HEAT things up I write the following. It has become widely known that an anonymous web-site has surfaced that is devoted solely to attacking Trudy McFall-and it is anonymous. CP was made aware of this yesterday afternoon, apparently before anyone else knew of it, by none other than Craig Purcell, sidekick of Chuck "Wacky" Weikel.

How did Purcell know about it so soon? And interestingly, just a day or two before, Purcell sent CP a copy of a 1994 Washington Post article that raised some questions about McFall's departure from her state job. In 1994. Which CP wrote about. Which Purcell blogged about.Where did Purcell come across such a thing? The same article surfaced in the anonymous web-site! Did the anonymous web-site publisher and Purcell, both happen to come across a 1994 news article at the same time--independently? Or did Purcell share his with the anonymous publisher? And if so, how did Purcell know who that is?

CP planned to ignore this nasty and anonymous attack but the McFall campaign responded today with a news release because Purcell sent a link to this web-site to The Capital, which was interviewing McFall today.

McFall wrote, “I have run a campaign promising real reform at City Hall and an end to the status quo. This anonymous website, with its smear tactics, is clearly an attempt to defeat me and protect the status quo. These tactics are disappointing, but not surprising about a campaign offering real reform.

McFall notes the irony of attacking her record in public housing, because "I am the only candidate for Mayor that has devoted the time and effort to improve public housing and, for this, I am attacked. Of course, the public housing system is not perfect, nor will it ever be. But during my tenure a few years ago as Chairman, we made major progress on many fronts to improve public housing, the listing of which is available on my website."

McFall noted that her five years of service to HACA was on a volunteer basis.

CP cannot say 100% for certain whether there is any substance to these claims made against McFall. I will say that McFall has provided what I believe are clear answers to claims made by her critics on her web-site--and these have been posted for months.

Where is the HEAT? If anyone is willing to provide real and substantive evidence that gives credence to any of this strident anti-McFall crowd, I'll publish them. As for this anonymous bs....forget it. Its creator cannot take the HEAT. CP can dish it out and take the HEAT. This kind of bs cannot be tolerated.

Only cockroaches, vampires and whores come out at night....and by bs, I do not mean bus service...


Nancy Rase said...

You call it BS, I call it chicken shit behavior. How can anyone give credibility to accusers who do not have the courage or character to identify themselves? It seems to me her campaign must be making someone or someones very nervous. In that regard I believe the campaign must be on the right track. As a friend and colleague of Trudy's it pains me that she is the brunt of this type of disgusting behavior. But one thing I know about Trudy -- she is a strong and determined person and will not be deterred by rumor,inuendo and untruths. For the record I worked with Trudy McFall for 13 years at the State(although admittedly we didn't get along very well for the first 2), I was there when she resigned from the State, I chose also to resign and with Trudy co-founded Homes for America. I have worked with Trudy for the prior 15 years at Homes for America and I have seen her commitment to building a business while doing good for others. I have seen the countless hours she has dedicated to volunteer activities in Annapolis. I volunteered (well actually I was recruited and reluctantly volunteered because I am not as generous with my time) with other housing professionals, City staff and neighborhood residents on a committee to discuss privitizing and redeveloping the Clay Street public housing. I was there when the committee UNANIMOUSLY supported the redevelopment plan that later was approved by the HACA Board.

I was there and my name is Nancy Rase. Where were you and who are you?

Paul Foer said...

Thanks! Well, no need to debate as to the exact excremental nature of this thing...but point taken... Was my comment about cockroaches, vampires and whores not tough enough? Readers don't see the incredible and anonymous comments I get daily.

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