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Sunday, September 27, 2009

CP Wishes to Thank Readers Who Have Written in to CP

In this most difficult week, CP has received unsolicited letters of support as well as generous financial contributions from readers. Despite what some critics, including one member of the Democratic Central Committee, a candidate for Alderman and even The Mayor, Boss Ellen, have leveled against me, support for what CP is doing remains strong--and is growing.  Thanks to readers for their support and thanls t Bay Weekly for recognizing what CP has done as well. We welcome your letters and we welcome your financial contributions to this new form of community journalism.  BTW--BlogNetNews Maryland ranks Capital Punishment as the fourth most influential political blog in Maryland this week.



In a tough situation I think your post synthesized the issues well. I was at Eastport Terrace last night for our monthly outreach dinner and I was struck again at the separate worlds blacks and whites inhabit in this city. Time to work on the walls and ask folks to lower their voices and put their shoulders in!

Jane Lawrence, Eastport

Dear Paul

I actually spoke to some people who thought you knew about all the Zina Pierre court info and "held" it until after the election: they were basically blaming YOU for throwing a wrench into the whole election. So CRAZY it is hard to even respond to, but I told them to consider that you are just about the most passionate person in town on the issue of voter turnout (or lack thereof), that it would be unthinkable for you to play with an election in the manner they suggested.  And in my experience you are equally hard on all politicians. I think they saw my point but will probably stubbornly hold onto their conspiracy theory anyway.

Keep up the good work...

-Bevin Bucheister, Ward One


Congratulations on being the 4th most influential blog in Maryland. You definitely earned it. Your levity and openness are highly contagious, and your even handedness in addressing topics are admirable. Your dedication, tenacity, and honesty are second to none. Last but not least is your incessant introspective moral questioning of “What’s Right”.

Knowing human nature, I'm sure envy, jealousy, and greed will motivate some to attempt by any means to undermine, diminish, or insinuate less than nobler traits. Having some inkling of your intrinsic character, those who devise such stratagems will fall into their own snares.

I wish you the best that life has to offer.

Arnold Gasper
Harwood, Maryland


I enjoy your reporting-writing…

Good job on the Pierre saga.  It has been a real politics (civics?) lesson to me.  I guess at age 70+, I’d know that each and every vote counts but I forgot.  To think that a person could basically be elected Mayor of a US state capital with 1,400 votes or so is amazing!  And, to think that the City of Annapolis has perhaps 600 employees, so if each employee got a spouse of buddy to vote the same way, the city employees could basically elect their boss.  And then there are the employee unions.  Create a Vallejo, California situation.

Good reporting.   David Banner,  West River


I'm a regular reader and felt compelled to write you about your above referenced post.  Although I don't agree with everything in your platform, I do agree with a huge number of them.  I think your ideas relating to decreasing vehicle traffic, specially downtown are phenomenal and hope you will continue to try to influence the policy debate with your blog or possibly even running again for office.  Keep up the good work and I'll hopefully meet up with you sometime at one of your Sip N' Blogs.

Roberto L. Veloso, Annapolis

I am Arlie Schardt and I also approve this message…

Hi Paul,

I'm a resident of downtown Annapolis and a former, 20-year reporter for the Baltimore Sun, which, once upon a time, actually covered Annapolis............I realize you're busy but it looks like you are the guy doing the shoework here. The voters would like to know more.

All the best,

JoAnna  Daemmrich

Dear Paul

You have always been fair to me and I think you have more integrity than any other blogger or journalist out there, and I will continue to support you.   (Name withheld at CP's discretion)

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