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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Reader Comment on Mayoral Candidate Josh Cohen

Eastport resident Marcia Marshall has responded to the post "A Reader's Thoughts On The Cohen Choice With CP's ..." Her response was unsolicited:

"It is indeed a sad day for Annapolis. But I think we can recover. I am fundamentally opposed to Josh Cohen becoming mayor for 2 reasons: 1) he does not have the sense to know he is not a manager and that he and the City and its denizens would benefit from a professional public administrator (i.e. city manager) running the day to day operations of our municipal government;
2) Josh demonstrated to me on several occasions and over several several years that he has no ethical compass.

Unless Cohen takes a solemn vow to remove ALL city department heads within 60 days of being elected and replacing them with competent public administrators who each have demonstrated expertise in their respective specialties, I will actively work against him. Mrs. Moyer has populated the city's administrative structure with a number of people who clearly do not understand what it means "to serve the public." And others who are inept.

I think at the bottom of most of our complaints as citizens of Annapolis, is the fact that we get treated badly whenever we have to interact with City government.

Let's see if Josh understands that all his crowing about his environmental positions is worth nothing if you get treated like dirt when you apply for a permit. "

CP responds:

I am not sure if it is a good idea to vow to remove all department heads, but I will hold Cohen to a promise he made to our Sip "n Blog group months ago. He promised to ask for the resignation of every appointed employee immediately after getting elected--but he did not say he would accept all of them, nor do I think he should. I think that at least the parks and recreation director and police and fire chiefs are doing a fine job.

Did you read my recent piece about what I would do if I were mayor? I think we need a whole new attitude and expectation that all city employees are to be respectful, courteous and responsive at all times. Most are, but some are not. But where is the mission and vision statement for each department? I suggested to the transportation director that we do that when I was in her employ and she looked at me as if I were crazy. She then asked me if I was crazy.

I believe that Cohen is a highly political animal (duh!) motivated by political desires and ambitions and this is hardly a topic for debate as it has been so clearly shown so many times. However, he remains popular and well-liked by many, and not without some justification. My continued concern is that he does not serve out his term of office and he becomes too entangled in alliances. He gets elected and moves, and gets elected and moves again. This is fact.

He is a legislator and a politician, but he has little managerial experience. Oddly enough, both he and Zina Pierre were the most opposed to a council-manager form of government and they have less business and managerial experience than other candidates who have supported the council-manager system. I urge you and all readers to tell us more--about Cohen and Fox and Cordle and if you wish to explain why you believe he has no moral compass--please do so with substantiation. Anyone else wising to write in opposing or supporting candidates is invited--with proper identification please and real information, not just rah rah or boo hiss stuff.

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Unknown said...

Lack of moral compass? One thing that is discussed a great deal is his jumping from one political position to another. To me that is indicative of someone who lacks integrity, has no sense of duty, and is utterly devoid of any comprehension of the consequences of his actions.


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