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Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Central Kominterm Demokrats: Beware Of Crazy Aunt Chuckie In The Attic

As we continue with our lose-lose scenario thanks to L'Affaire Pierre, I am getting emails asking why we can't have a special election, who are the members of the Central Cominterm etc., etc. Well people, specials elections take a lot of time and even though they cost a lot, which should not be an excuse, I don't see this as being an option. But this does add to the whole notion of doing away with partisan elections, which exist in Annapolis and only two other MD municipalities. Woe, woe are we!  Beware of Crazy Aunt Chuckie in the attic...

Some say ADC Gail Smith should recuse herself not only because she is an active supporter of Josh Cohen, but because she is on his payroll as his legislative aide. Makes sense to me.

Chuck Weikel should recuse himself on the simple fact that he is not really a Democratic Donkey--he's just a BIG ASS. However, not only is he a known supporter of Cohen, but he is on record of trying to do in Trudy McFall--heck he has a history of hating just about everyone but he especially hates Democrats--oh and yours truly. Do you recall his false allegations about Trudy trying to get exclusive rights to public housing residents, his false allegations on the sexual orientation of her, Dick Israel, and Ross Arnett? What about his involvement with a hate-filled, divisive, race-baiting scurrilous blog that incites dissension and anger? In legal terms, it is known as "fighting words".

Bess Demas and Trudi McGowan are known supporters of Josh Cohen - but it's not clear that this alone, however, should be enough for recuse them. This is why I have always felt that Central Komintern members should never support anyone in primaries. Yet another reason why we should get rid of local committees and partisan elections--heck, do we need any more reasons after this?

I don't know where Tony Evans and Nick Berry stand. I am staying away from this thing tonight. Pass me another Bass Ale...cause my A-- is gonna Bale.

Yeah, yeah, I know this was a weird posting, but this whole thing is so weird....we just can't win....more arguments for a council-manager form of government....stability...professionalism...separation of powers...separation from politics.

And now to get serious. Look at the predicament Josh Cohen is in. And then think about how his campaign will spin the whole thing. "It's a time to heal. A time to move forward. A time to work for what's best for everyone, for all citizens etc., etc..." He could play it safe and stay at Council. Of course what a whipping he got--he thought he was invincible--and so did many others. Oops. Well he ALWAYS had his safe seat to fall back upon. If Cohen is nominated and accepts, we will have his replacement voted in by yet another political elite establishment--The County Council. While many continue to question so many things about Cohen's behind-the-scenes activities, it is for certain that if he becomes the next mayor, there will be yet another example of him leaving one office early, creating an opening that demanded either a special election or a special appointment--and if he becomes mayor, it will also be because he gets a special appointment. The operative word remains "IF". IF Cohen becomes the nominee, can anyone guarantee that he'll be elected??? If he loses, that will be two elections in a row--but he'll get to keep his safe seat. If he does that, we will need to ask, why did he not just stay there in the first place? If that had happened.....oh well, what's done is done. While Zina Pierre's political ambitions have been thwarted and possibly cooked, what will become of Cohen? Would you accept the nomination if you were he? Yes, it is hypothetical to the fullest extent possible but....I can't answer it because I am motivated by such totally different values and ideals.

Here is one wacky conspiratorial scenario.....Cohen gets the mayoral nod, a deal is struck to get Finlayson as his replacement on County Council and the Dems have to then appoint (or hold a special election) to replace Finalyson in Ward Four. She was originally elected--barely--in a special election.
Wow. Hypothetical and conspiratorial and implausible--all the more reason why I am willing to believe it.

Power to the people!!!

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