Some Straight Talk and Commonsense From Bay Weekly on L'Affaire Pierre ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Friday, September 25, 2009

Some Straight Talk and Commonsense From Bay Weekly on L'Affaire Pierre

Bay Weekly Editor Sandra Martin weighs in on our recent political turmoil and comes to what I believe is the correct and inescapable conclusion about what we may learn from L'Affaire Pierre. While she credits CP with making the news out of this (aka "breaking the story") I again remind readers that it all fell into my lap last Friday unexpected and unsolicited. As I knew at the time and have since come to confirm repeatedly, the story was well known to many in town before it saw blog space or newspaper ink. I bring you Martin's first paragraph and a link to her piece:

All of Us Lose

That’s how I score Annapolis’ mayoral game

Politics ranks with baseball at the top of my list of favorite spectator sports. Fandom, of course, brings special privileges: We who so designate ourselves get the right to cheer and jeer with hysterical abandon that would get us locked up in other contexts.
You know what I mean — and I’m not talking about baseball.
Across America, politics has gotten people so worked up that the rules of civility have been tabled.
The consequences of the recent mayoral election in Annapolis have me shrieking like the other lunatics. 
For the rest of Editor Martin's piece, see

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