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Thursday, September 17, 2009

OhNine OnLine for Sept 17...

Official and final results should be available today.

Sam Shropshire says that neither he nor his treasurer were aware that there was a financial report due last week.He said the report would be filed.

Neither Boss Ellen, Chuck Weikel, or  the ADCC  had anything to say about why their reports were missing. IS ANYBODY GOING TO DO ANYTHING??? 

Trudy McFall filed an addendum with a brief explanation of minor corrections.

Any guesses about where the other candidates may be headed?
Laurie Sears-Deppa--To do more volunteering...no more kidneys to donate...run for Delegate?
Trudy McFall--Continue to run Homes for America?
Wayne Taylor--Community-service oriented job?
Sam Shropshire--?????? well....we shall see
Gil Renaut--More community leadership?
Josh Cohen--Continue to serve on County Council, and then run for re-election? Another office?

One thought about Chris Fox--Much of the support for the council-manager petition emanates from Ward One, but so does much of the opposition to 2 am liquor licenses. Of the three candidates, only Fox supports the council-manager form of government but Fox also supports the 2 am closing.....hmmm....could perhaps be the perfect opportunity to..I dunno...make some pow-wow??? Sit down and talk perhaps???

Join us every Thursday morning, from 8-9 am for our Sip N' Blog at ZU Coffee, 934 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis, Maryland, in the Giant Shopping Center. Our discussion on the 17th will focus on the primary election results and the upcoming general. Sept-24--Jennifer Monteith. Stop by on your way to work for your morning latte and meet other local activists. Zu now has a drive-thru window!


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