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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sean O'Neill On The Zina Pierre Story

In a previous post, I explained how Admiral Heights resident Sean O'Neill had posted a link to the Maryland Judiciary web-site about Zina Pierre's legal background on Facebook, as early as last Wednesday evening, two days before it was reported here. I provide this information and I continue this angle of the story because how this news came out, and when and to whom it came out somehow remains an important piece of the puzzle to many people. By the time I got word of it, it was already apparently well known to others.

Below is O'Neill's letter in full which I publish with his permission:
Just got back and it looks like you found my page.
I did support Josh with a donation and a yard sign.  That's about it. I did not volunteer.
The only reason I was doing this research was to learn more about Zina and her worthiness of being a candidate in the party I am a part of - Democrat.  Was she her class President? What were her leadership positions in the past?  I happened upon the Court's site, and when I found what I found, I was shocked.  So I posted it on FB.
I acted completely and fully independant [sic]of the Cohen campaign.  No one in the campaign even contacted me until you posted your story.  And they wanted to know how I learned of this information...which is exactly as I shared with you.
There is no conspiracy theory here.  Just simple due diligence on my part.  I did not even know what would happen, but as a citizen who loves this City, I do not think having a current foreclosure on your record is good for anyone running for mayor.
I am just happy that we learned of this early enough for the citizens of Annapolis to make an informed decision.  That includes the fine work you have done by sharing your insight.
As I have said in the past, and I will continue to say: keep up the good work.  Your work is filling a void in this city that is clearly much needed.

Go to O'Neill's site if it is still public. My wife found it for me because I am not on Facebook. She is not even a Facebook "friend" of O'Neill's so it was all there for anyone on FB to see. And everyone who was an FB friend of O'Neill's had access and could have shared it with many people--perhaps dozens or hundreds or more late last week. This does not excuse the news media for not checking into all of this earlier. It merely puts it all into perspective. And for full disclosure, I have emailed and spoken with Mr. O'Neill a few times regarding civic and news issues. We may have met briefly once or twice over the years but that is the extent of our relationship.

I am grateful to Mr. O'Neill for providing this clarification and I hope this will put to rest some of the endless speculation about where all this came from, or who knew what when or whatever. I maintain that the real story is about Ms. Pierre and her clearly documented public record of legal and financial problems. No doubt had this come out earlier, it would have altered the primary election results. Therefore it is more important to ask her why she did not come out with this information rather than wonder about who came out with it when. Until such time as Ms. Pierre decides to explain, clarify or answer any questions about her background, many will no doubt continue to speculate.

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Paul A. Richards said...

Although the financial revelations are serious, isn't it more important that she is likely disqualified to hold the office? She cannot be certified.

A Codification of the General Ordinances of
Annapolis, Maryland

Sec. 3. Terms; qualifications for office.
(b) The mayor must be a registered voter in the city for at least two (2) years immediately preceding the date of the general election.

Paul Richards

Paul Foer said...

This is being researched by a lot of people...and this is an example of where the Democrats and the City Elections Board may have missed something

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