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Friday, September 18, 2009

"Sorry About That Chief..."

It's all in the codes man!!! The Arundel Muckraker reports that City Attorney Steve Kling--the man who had been de-certified to practice law, the man who admitted to not having read the Boat Show Lease at City Council, now seems to have been caught unawares that  an appointment to the Housing Authority Board requires City Council approval... ..and I am not even commenting on the fact that the appointment is for none other than Carl Snowden---does Mr. Snowden not have more than enough to do at his current job???

According to Muckraker:

"But City Attorney Stephen Kling mistakenly ruled the law doesn't require council approval of the mayor's nomination, and Moyer nixed the confirmation hearing, the mayor said Monday night.
Today, Moyer spokeswoman Rhonda Wardlaw said Kling's office was missing a key part of the state's code books, and didn't have a current copy of the law that governs the appointments.
"The law office was working off of old information, and quickly remedied the situation by agreeing that the council needed to confirm the nomination," Wardlaw said.

Yeah. Missing a key part of the state's code books. I wonder what Kling had to say to Boss Ellen..."Uh sorry about that chief"...???? Perhaps if they had lowered the Cone of Silence, we would never have learned about this. Meanwhile, ask Boss Ellen if this is an example of a hate blogger angrily attacking her and her city attorney, or is it an example of simply reporting on what they are doing as our public servants??? Readers can decide. See: www.arundelmuckraker.com/storyview.asp?STORYID=10113


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