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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Might Happen Today at 4 pm??? Will We Get The Loews-Down or the Shoews-Down At The Loews?

THIS IS A LOSE, LOSE, LOSE SITUATION......PRESENTING ONLY A PYRRHIC VICTORY FOR ANYONE IF IT PRESENTS ANY VICTORY AT ALL...My guess is that Ms. Pierre will show up with a lawyer. SHE WILL MAKE A BRIEF COMMENT, BOW OUT OF THE RACE and her lawyer will take questions. It will be in the interest of the party and the voters etc., etc....While she may not admit any wrong-doing she will likely say that because of so many questions raised it has become difficult to wage a strong campaign and so etc., etc.... The focus will then shift to the Democratic leadership, who is not likely to be present today.

The big issue of course remains, who will be ADC choose to go on the ballot? Ahh, grasshopper, you are perceptive....dunh!
Josh Cohen? Some say he won't touch it with the proverbial ten-foot pole..or would that be poll? Some say it is in his DNA to accept this, but I don't know....best to play it safe on County Council
Sheila Finlayson...hmmm....could be, but then the ADC will have to pick a successor her too..
Ross Arnett...perhaps, but does he want to be mayor?
Trudy McFall...not widely viewed as having the blessing of the Dem's leadership

Where do Democratic leaders and others, such as Carl Snowden fit into this? I am only going to provide just one hunch and that is that Mr Snowden is not the "bad guy". A well-placed and reliable source provided me with a brief thought and I tried to take it a step further by asking questions.  Mr. Snowden may, and this is just speculative, he may have suggested to Ms. Pierre that it would be in everyone's best interest for her to step down last Friday. Others may have come in and helped Ms. Pierre change her mind and flip-flop. Whatever happened, it is Ms. Pierre who must answer to us today. She has a choice. Step-down or stay and fight. Either way, it's bad for her and bad for us. If she chooses to remain (scenario one) , which I fund almost impossible for her to do, oh...not good. If she chooses to bow out (scenario two), she can do so with grace, sincerity, positiveness, contrition and in such a way so that we can all begin to heal.

A few thoughts...lots of speculation and doubts linger about so many things here, but it is what it is. We may never get fully to the bottom of all this, but I will say once again--all the information I am getting is being sent to me unsolicited by citizen-readers.  No collusion. No private investigators. No intrigue. Plain and simple facts and data, sometimes sprinkled with what are obvious analytical and interpretive comments. We are all hurt, some more than others. But the ultimate responsibility for all this and however it comes out rests with Zina Pierre. She is an ordained minister, a person of faith who I happen to like personally--a great deal in fact. I hope that her faith will be of comfort to her in these very difficult days.

(Please see my column in today's The Capital either in print or online at www.hometownannapolis.com/news/col/2009/09/23-32/Ninth-Ward-Pierre-has-some-explaining-to-do-to-all-the-voters.html )

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Glenn Carr said...

Your guess was right Paul. And with the story in The Sun and The Capital of the fictitious company that $11.5K of her campaign expenses were allegedly spent, she took no questions. The Annapolis Democratic Central Committee really has egg on their face. It will be an awkard campaign from now until November whomever the ADCC selects Friday -- I do not envy that "candidate".

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