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Friday, September 25, 2009

Wuddya Know? The Capital's Endorsement Made Sense After All....

Is anybody terribly surprised? Unanimous too! And fast...

Join with local politicos every Thursday morning, from 8-9 am for our Sip N' Blogs normally at ZU Coffee, 934 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis, Maryland, in the Giant Shopping Center. Special guests will be:
Oct 1--James Conley, Ward 5
Oct 8--Mat Silverman, Ward 5
Oct. 15--
Oct 22--Chris Fox at Sly Pub
Oct 29--Dave Cordle
Stop by on your way to work for your morning latte and meet other local activists. Zu now has a drive-thru window! LISTEN TO CP ON 1430WNAV every weekday morning for insights into local issues and politics.


Ellis said...

This city is so unbelievably corrupt it's sickening.

Paul Foer said...

Ellis Assuming that is true, what do you recommend?

Ellis said...

1. Stop voting for anyone with a political party affiliation.

2. Completely dismantle the bureaucratic board of education chock full of cronyism, nepotism, political patronage, shady deals AND which pretty much owns the political system (and politicians)of the county.

Those two alone will take so much time to correct there's no point in bringing anything else up.

Unknown said...

Democratic Party: Close ranks, raise the flag, and assault the enemy (Republicans).

"Ellis Assuming that is true, what do you recommend?"

1. Write in candidate.
2. Vote Republican (Gag, gag, gag; I'm Republican, and my family has been Republican ever since the War of Agression as my Texas friends call it (Civil War). However, the current Republican candidate has a lot to be desired.
3. Vote for the independant.

My thoughts: Line them all up (politicians), have them count off 1 to 10, and shoot every 10th one one of them. The Roman empire survived on this philosophy for over a 1,000 years. If they can not walk the talk, cap them.

Disclaimer: The writer in no sense insinuates armed resistense, physical interaction, nor civil insurection. The writer is an affirmed and certified EEOC adherent. He hates all politicians equally.



Paul Foer said...

Ellis Damn! That sounds like an endorsement. Was it? Do you remember my Ninth Ward column on draining the swamp?


Paul Foer said...


I love it! You hate all politicians equally? Just some more equally than others??? LOL....I've always described myself as an equal opportunity exploiter. Yet more reasons and letters as to why we should dismantle local partisan election. Guess who our biggest opponents will be?

Unknown said...

In a Utopian World I suppose political parties would have the purpose of providing a conduit to exchange ideas with the overall objective of reaching Shangri La. They would in effect be the intellectual and spiritual Yellow Brick Road to prosperity, good health, and well being.

Politicians would climb the mountain, and meditate upon their belly buttons. Afterwards they would all get together to discuss the meaning of what the Cosmos had revealed to them. They would then select a spokesperson who would then proclaim to the unenlightened masses the wisdom of the Universe.

Being Utopia, there would be no dissent, because the Great Cosmos was infallible. The politicians who had spent many arduous hours meditating upon their belly buttons would obviously all agree upon the meaning of their belly buttons. The masses of the unenlightened would be in awe of what had been revealed. After all, the ability to meditate upon ones belly button was far beyond their insignificant grasp of reality.

Just in case, in the event of the slightest possibility that someone would have the audacity to disagree, the solution would be simple. Either have them eliminated, neutralized, or rendered ineffective. After all, how dare anyone question the Great Cosmos and those who have spent years honing and perfecting their skill of meditating upon their belly buttons.

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