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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Reader's Thoughts On The Cohen Choice With CP's Response

Timing is Everything in Politics
by Rhonda Ellis

Last night, the Annapolis Central Democratic Committee selected Josh Cohen to be the Democractic mayoral nominee.  In response, Mr. Cohen quickly announced a combined outreach/election campaign that will kick off at noon today at the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial at City Dock. According to Mark Halperin, political director, ABC News, and co-author John F. Harris in their book "The Way to Win:  Taking the White House in 2008," timing is everything in politics.   Ironically, the authors use the example of Ms. Pierre's former boss, U.S. President Bill Clinton to illustrate their point.  In 1987, Mr. Clinton was seriously considering running for the Democratic nomination for president. After an extended grilling by long-time aide Betsy Wright, however, he concluded that the timing was not right and announced that he required "family time" and personal "renewal."  He told supporters to wait for another day, "because it's coming," which it did four years later. Unfortunately, Ms. Pierre did not benefit from her boss's experience and wait for a better moment to make history.  Now Mr. Cohen is tasked with healing the wounds of a disappointed electorate and unifying the Democratic Party and the city, if elected.  And if any candidate is well-equipped for the undertaking, it is Mr. Cohen, who has consistently demonstrated his commitment to Annapolis through service.
Rhonda  Ellis is a county resident who volunteered in The Cohen Campaign
CP Responds:   Mr Cohen has not consistently demonstrated his service. What he has consistently demonstrated is inconsistency from Council to Council to Council. If he were to have taken what I knew a year ago was good advice, and what perhaps he and many others have now come to see was also good advice, he too would have remained on County Council and waited as "the timing was not right". If any candidate needed "family time", it was indeed Ms. Pierre, but Mr. Cohen would have to come in as a close second--as he did to Ms. Pierre in the primary. Now we end up again--getting someone appointed to fill his seat there--if he wins the mayoral election here.

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Paul A. Richards said...

So, CP is not a fan of Josh. I think I could glean that from prior postings. Your unhappiness with Ellen spills over.

But, in November you cannot vote "no" -- except by abstaining.

Are you going to abstain, or will you vote for another? Who will you vote for?

It is a very sad commentary on the American Voter that he/she too often votes against his/her best interests. Sometimes, this is Very Good, as a rich progressive may vote to help his fellow man. But when a poor to middle-class voter abstains or votes along with the rich folks, there cannot be much complaining when the government is not there for them, when they need it.

Paul Richards

Paul Foer said...
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