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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cohen Working Hard to Distance Himself From Moyer--Announcement at 11 AM Today

This just in from The Cohen Campaign:

Cohen To Make Major Announcement Regarding Market House

This morning at 11:00 AM Democratic candidate for Mayor Josh Cohen will make a major announcement regarding the operation of the beleaguered Market House.  The announcement will build on Cohen's pledge that, if elected, the next four years will be nothing like the last eight.

When:              11:00 AM Tuesday, October 6
What:              Major Announcement Regarding Market House
Where:             Market House, Downtown Annapolis

Yep. As he took great pains to stress after getting anointed from the Central Demokrat Kominterm, the next four years with Cohen will be nothing like the last eight...with..uh..with..uuh what's her name. I'll bet the Ol' Boss is fuming...unless she has taken a slow boat to Pilsen, Czech Republic. As for the next four--well that's assuming Cohen gets elected and assuming he stays in office for all four years...of course if Fox or Cordle get elected, one could make the same assumption about their next four years--right? It's just that Cohen has to stress that repeatedly whereas with Fox and Cordle, well, it's pretty much a given. That news release by the way, came from Cohen's Campaign Manager Kathy Nieberding, the same lady who ran Ellen Moyer's previous campaigns--and FOE Sheila Finlayson's campaign. Well, that will certainly ensure a clean break from the last eight years.


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tlh said...

cyn·ic / ╦łsinik/ • n.

1. a person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honorable or unselfish reasons. A person who questions whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile.

2. (Cynic) a member of a school of ancient Greek philosophers founded by Antisthenes, marked by an ostentatious contempt for ease and pleasure.

Question: Which of these terms best describes the tone of this blog post?

I don't Vote 2.

Or do you dislike ease and Pleasure too?

Paul Foer said...

Which of these terms best describes the tone of your comments?

William Devane said...

More importantly, what the hell was this big announcement? Nothing on Cohen's site, nothing here, nothing in the Capital, nothing on the other blogs. Was the announcement that he was making an appearance?

Paul Foer said...

I was wondering about the same thing. Please provide your contact information so I can verify your identity. thanks

tlh said...

my tone?

personally, I thought I was going for giggles...

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