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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mayor Moyer Needs to Foreclose on This Web-site...and Fast

FORECLOSURE JOURNALISM?? A WEB-SITE ABOUT HOME FORECLOSURES has some serious problems keeping its own factual house in order. reports that:

 "Zina C. Pierre is the Democrat mayor of Annapolis. She has been facing financial problems for sometime now. She has told local leaders that she will try to overcome the financial difficulties that include her foreclosed home, bounced cheques and tax liens. Pierre said that the meeting was more or less successful. Her party leaders stood by her, she claimed and the outcome was positive."

How can they get this so wrong??? This bizarre story was written on a third-grade level and was so poorly constructed and full of glaring errors that it made my head spin. That was published October 6 and of course, we in Annapolis know the real situation. The article gets worse and I would think that both Zina Pierre and Ellen Moyer might want to get on the line---AND soon! Oh boy--there goes our coveted bond rating!! See: annapolis-mayor-sort-out-financial-difficulties

p.s  What are cheques???

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Anonymous said...

"cheques" are how the English say checks.
Looked at the site... it's a ripoff scam.. they want you to pay for information you can get for free elsewhere... (Wish I had thought of it)



Paul Foer said...

Thanks Daryl...I do know what cheques are--as in harbour, labour, cheerio, jolly good and bloody... and as in The Exchequer. Thanks for the note..CP

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