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Thursday, October 8, 2009

OhNine OnLine for Oct 8--Cohen Picks Up Steam With Pierre Staff

Cohen campaign brings in former Pierre supporters:

Michelle LeFurge, Community Outreach Director.  Michelle was campaign manager of Zina Pierre’s campaign.  Experienced in directing issue and initiative campaigns, Michelle has also worked with counties and towns training and activating community leaders in community-led economic development. 

Eugene Peterson, Advisor.  Eugene was also a senior advisor for Zina Pierre's campaign.  Presently in his third year of second consecutive five year term on County Board of Education.  Appointed by former Governor Parris Glendenning, and then reappointed by Governor Martin O’Malley, Eugene recently retired from USDOT, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Dustin Mitchell, Phone Bank Coordinator.   Dustin was the field director of Zina Pierre’s campaign and is an open source software developer, former teacher, and systems administrator.  Dustin lives in Ward 4.

(CP NOTES:  I'd take this seriously. These are competent, hardworking and very nice people who made Pierre's campaign the winning campaign-at least in terms of votes and can do the same for Cohen. In terms of other ways in which the campaign suffered or mis-stepped, that's another story--and one possibly but not definitely connected with these three. I believe that months ago, Pierre and her supporters discussed and then neglected to come clean about her less-than-clean background. Had they done so, Pierre may have possibly come out further on top and stayed there and we might not be discussing this now. Perhaps it would have spelled a no-entry or an early withdrawal. Maybe that's why it was kept under wraps. ON THE OTHER HAND....close supporter and veteran pollster Patrick Gonzales went to the Chris Fox camp....)

Overheard on Baltimore-based WYPR's afternoon show yesterday...a program on beer and brewing in Baltimore mentioned that the first brewery in Maryland was in Annapolis--and the guest quickly added how everything in Maryland first happened in Annapolis.  Well, not exactly--Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon has already been indicted for corruption.

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