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Friday, October 2, 2009

September Blog Traffic At Record Levels; Doubled From That Of Previous Record Month

Helped along by intense public interest in the hotly-contested primary election and its controversial aftermath, readers flocked to Annapolis Capital Punishment  (, the leading blog about Annapolis, in record numbers in the month of September.

According to independent,  third-party statistics, there were 16,377 visits and 25,715 page views that month. That represents a doubling over the previous record-setting month of May, 2009 and almost a quadrupling of traffic from the same month a year ago. September 23 was the biggest day ever, with 1617 visits and 2,928 page views. Every day between the 18th and the 25th had over 1100 page views.  Statistics show that the overwhelming proportion of readers originate from within Annapolis. The total population of Annapolis about 36,000 persons.

Annapolis Capital Punishment has been published nearly every day since February, 2007. It is currently ranked the fourth most influential political blog in Maryland (, which is all the more remarkable because it almost exclusively covers news and politics in Annapolis. Although it is the state capital, it represents only a tiny fraction of the state's population.

Thanks to all our readers for making CP an important part not only of your day, but of public and civic life in Annapolis. (Above information and graph from

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Oct 22--Chris Fox (at Sly Fox Pub)
Oct 29--Dave Cordle
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