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Friday, October 2, 2009

Aldermanic Candidate Kenny Kirby Again Proves He Is A Pawn to His Wacky Weikel Master

Hollywood could hardly have written a better script.

In Ward Six, an interesting dichotomy is shaping up between two candidates. The Republican is an educated, gregarious and well-known man who has a history of stability and accomplishment in Maryland and Annapolis for decades. He has an active web-site, is engaged and involved in a variety of civic issues, is knocking on doors, giving out literature, appearing in public, talking about issue, reaching out to voters and in short, running a reasonable campaign. That is Greg Stiverson.

And then there is Kenny Kirby the Democrat. How many different places has he lived--not only in Annapolis but also in Georgia, Connecticut and Massachusetts? What kid of work does he do? Does he really have a college degree? What are his accomplishments? How has he been active in civic and political issues? Despite repeated attempts to meet him and find out, Mr Kirby has been reclusive and mysterious and he takes his orders from his master Chuck Weikel. He did unsuccessfully run for alderman in 1993--as did Wacky Chuck Weikel's sidekick and partner in blog-crime, Craig Purcell. But Kirby has also been propped up and "handled" by Weikel who appears to be running his campaign. So far, Kirby has received not a penny from his constituents but has received money from Josh Cohen, Wiekel, Purcell, Clarence Goldberg and Mike Busch.

Why are Weikel and these other Democratic operatives outside of his ward so involved and so interested? They appear to be putting party before everything--oops, I guess I answered my own question. One can only surmise, but in a most paternalistic manner, it appears that Weikel feels Mr Kirby is unable or incapable of speaking for himself or running his own campaign.

Stiverson has repeatedly been rebuffed when he has asked Kirby to meet with him. I have received the same treatment as has been documented here before. I have nothing against the man. I don't even know him--and that is the problem.  Now it goes to a whole new level. Stiverson wrote to Kirby on September 30:

"Mr. Kirby - Having had no response from you to my requests that we plan meetings in Ward 6 to discuss the issues with voters, I've gone ahead and inquired about dates and places where we could get together. The Rev. Carter at Mount Moriah A.M.E. Church will be pleased to host a public meeting at 7 p.m. on Oct. 14, 21, or 28. I have calls into the property managers at Robinwood and Harbour House as well to set up meetings in their community centers. Let me know which of the three dates you prefer for the Mount Moriah event and I'll lock in the date with the pastor. Also, if you could tell me which evenings during the week are best for you, it would help me in selecting dates for the Robinwood and Harbour House venues.

...and he left his phone number. Kirby (or was it Weikel??) responded.

On Sep 30, 2009, Kenny Kirby <> wrote:

"I am not sure what your idea of a 'meeting' is. If the is an attempt  to gain legitimacy at my expense then it won't work.

I was at the Bay Ridge Gardens community day the entire time  Saturday. I was at Mt Moriah church last night along with state atty  generals office, the ACLU and the Naacp hashing out issues in Bay Ridge Gardens. Those events I have attended and will continue to attend.

I will hold you personally responsible for untrue attacks that you do not publicly denounce. I am prepared to respond.


Sent from my iPhone"

You read that right--He (or Weikel) said  "I will hold you personally responsible for untrue attacks that you do not publicly denounce. I am prepared to respond."

Prepared to respond indeed. He can't respond to a request to hold a public meeting to discuss issues but he is prepared to respond should Stiverson not denounce public attacks against him.  This is absurd. The irony and twisted logic is almost incomprehensible. Of course it does provide a lot of reasons to question Kirby's motivation and willingness to appear before voters. 

Stiverson wrote back a polite letter explaining exactly what he had in mind. Here is an excerpt:

"As for holding me personally responsible for untrue attacks, I can assure you that I am an honorable person who would never engage in unfair attacks on anyone. I hope you feel the same way. We should do all we can in our race in Ward 6 to elevate the level of political debate. There are real issues that need to be discussed with the voters. This cannot be accomplished with with untrue partisan attacks.

Please let me hear that you are willing to have a candidates' forum at Mt. Moriah and the Robinwood and Harbour House Community Centers. It would be good for us to meet and to discuss the issues with the voters.

Greg Stiverson"

He again provided his phone number.

Not only is Stiverson trying to communicate and getting rebuffed, Kirby (or his master Weikel) sends him a threatening response warning him not to engage in any untrue attacks.  But it gets worse--Weikel and Purcell actually posted this interchange of letters on their blog to make Stiverson out to be the bad guy--so if you happen to read their blog--you read it there first. I thank them for breaking the story--but they will still claim that I am a racist for publishing the same information. A day or so ago, they unwittingly did the exact same thing by publishing an email I sent to Kirby--and to Kirby alone--so they broke that story wide open too. Talk about taking the bait--and I did not even bait anyone--I merely sent Kirby an email.

Weikel will play the race card. They are already using their nefarious blog to make me out to be a racist. It won't work. They want to protect Kirby from any questions or criticism and prop him up by trying to scare away anyone who might question anything about Kirby. In this paternalistic relationship, Weikel believes that if you criticize Kirby, you are a racist. Now if that is true, why is Kirby refusing to meet in public with a white candidate who not only chairs the Kunta Kinte Foundation, but is working to set up a public meeting at an African American church and in two public housing communities? Instead of agreeing to participate, Weikel and Kirby sent Stiverson a warning. The race card is absolutely being played here--but it is being played by Kirby and his master, Wacky Chuck Wiekel--and they first published this email exchange on their blog 

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Anonymous said...

After reading this Story, I totally lost interest in Kirby after he mentioned being at a meeting with the ACLU and NAACP...

WHY? Why do some people (black?) bring in the NAACP, which is by definition a racist organization.
"National Association for the Advancement of Colored People."

There was one a place and time for such organization, but no longer do they help.

If I started an Organization called NAAWP, National Association for the Advancement of White People, I would be slammed as a racist.

And Paul, when someone has nothing to give, they always come out with threats of lawsuits and other such non-sense. I really hate the fact that organizations like NAACP, Acorn and such exist. As much as I hate the fact that there are groups like the Aryan Nation and KKK. Enough already with race division. The human population has become so intermixed that scientists will tell you that no once can be of once race anymore.
A quote from a movie i heard, I have always liked. "Eventually, everyone will bleep everyone else, and we will all be gray". The only race here is the human race. Anyone else that cries racism is only using that language to get attention or to hide.
Sorry, Paul, but issues like this really get my goat.


ABC said...

Isn't this just two candidate one of whom does not want to debate the other? It happened in the presidential race. It happened in the mayoral primary here in Annapolis.

So I am missing the point of the dust up. Greg wants to have a public event, Kenny prefers to go it alone and work in his own manner.

It could be something as simple as Kenny is not comfortable speaking on panels or in front of a large group.

And from your email wiht the veiled threats to Kenny about "the information" if all you have is that he has lived elsewhere during his life, I am not sure that that has any impact either. Presumably he is a resident and meets the requirements to run.

Paul Foer said...

I don't fully agree...the reason why some citizens need an organization specifically for them is because the history and character of this country has been specifically against them. Plain and simple. Oppressed people and minorities always feel the need, and rightly so, to join together. There have been groups such as what you jokingly suggest--the NAAWP. They are known as the KKK and American Nazi Party--or as some would suggest, certain elements within The Republican Party--and within the Democratic party as well. Look up The Dred Scott decision from The Supreme Court. Yes--we need to keep moving beyond that but sorry, race is a factor in our society and in the daily lives of many--can't get beyond that. Racism is real and is manifested in many ways but we all have to be careful to not only see it and admit it when it is real, but also to call out those who claim "racism" as a ploy to cover up some other inadequacy.

Paul Foer said...

ABC--okay I am breaking my rule again. Your letter is relevant and well presented..but please identify yourself.
Why do you suggest that not wishing to be in public, to answer questions or not do what candidates are supposed to do is acceptable? Why does Kirby wish to remain so mysterious? The question is what does he have to hide? If he is afraid to speak before the voters, why should the voters vote for him? If he is afraid to speak before voters how can he possibly serve them as alderman? If, as you suggest, he is not comfortable speaking on panels or in front of large groups, what will he do if he finds himself sitting in one of the big chairs up front at City Hall?
It is terribly unclear as to where Mr Kirby has really lived for the past couple of decades but don't you think voters have a right to know? He puts up on his web-site about how his uncle and grandfather were local watermen, but we should know about his background. That's the point.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that is where ignorance comes into play. If a person can't see beyond the color of one's skin, they are truly ignorant.

Aside from that, when a politician cries "racism", it is to divert attention from something else.

If we continue with using the word "race" to divide people then Obama is not our nations first black president. He is our nations first "mixed race" President. After all he is half white,is he not?


Paul Foer said...

Exactly. It is abut ignorance. There are plenty of people who cannot see beyond their color of skin. That's the point. And there are plenty of people like that and this entire country was based on that and we are dismantling and changing the power structures and institutions that were based on that but vestiges still exist.
When a politician cries "racism" it might not be racism--of course. But it might be racism. So we have to apply the same standard across the board. That is what I am doing but Kirby and Weikel apply theirs--which is to call me a racist because I ask questions about Kenny Kirby. Read what I wrote back in August about this. I am tired of white people always whining and complaining about Blacks being racist. Of course some are, but we were all raised in a racist culture and world. There is no denying that. We just all have to be careful when to apply the label and not use it to cover something else up.

ABC said...

People will run campaigns differently. Cordle is a fine example. He was nowhere to be found at any forum.

I suspect that while Greg is reaching out to Kenny for a public meeting, Kenny may indeed be garnering the votes he needs quietly by hanging out in the neighborhoods that will elect him and gaining their votes on an individual basis.

You have been to the council meetings, and yes they need to sit in the chair, but their public speaking is limited--especially when Ellen takes the dais. They mostly go "uhm hmm" and nod a lot--some even nod off!

To be honest a good representative of the people of any ward would be the candidate that could talk to the people and have a relationship with the people of that ward. A successful alderman (or any candidate) should not be built on the ability to deliver a "slam dunk" speech. Look at Israel (the man not the country), not a prolific speaker, but accessible to his constituents, reactive, approachable, and most definitely IN the community. I would say he almost defines Ward 1.

Ward 6 is predominantly lower income and black. That is fact. I don't know what Kirby does for a living, but I would suggest that if the black vote is going to turn out, having a black candidate is a HUGE advantage over the frumpy old white man.

Paul Foer said...

Now look at who is calling names--and you won't even identify yourself. No wonder you are defending Kirby's actions. I'm cutting you off until you identify yourself, but I am going to get the last word.

Your entire argument is weak and ineffective and suggests that little matters about who we elect for council. BS. You talk about having relationships with people--well Kirby is a mystery--everything about him--and that is his choice but lease don't defend him for that. If Dick Israel defines Ward One, are you suggesting that Kirby's mysteriousness, his continuous movement from one place to the next, his inability to define or articulate who he is or his message defines Ward Six? As for Dave Cordle, I regularly blasted him right here for not being out in public--but there is no comparison--Cordle is as stable and as long term a public figure as just about anyone. He hides nothing. He has a home, raises a family has a public job, sits on Council--gimme' a break--there is no comparison. Period.
Your last paragraph is really ridiculous and a really low blow and is racist to the core because you suggest, now you come right out and say that a BLACK candidate is preferable simply because he is black and for no other reason and that a white candidate is not, simply because he is white and for no other reason--other than to sneeringly call him "frumpy." You want to say anything else? Identify yourself--otherwise I am not giving you the free forum to anonymously smear others. Call your therapist. Call your mommy. But don't write to CP unless you tell us who you are. Thank you.

Ellis T said...

Questions of a candidates residency is more important than ever at this point in the race. Have we forgotten so quickly about Zina?

I think it's relevant to question and confirm a candidates eligibility. I hope we never have to relive the primary election of 2009.

On the topic at hand... it's clear that the Dem's don't want Kirby to debate. Why, I can only speculate. If a candidate is leading in the polls, any debate would be more of an opportunity for their competition to gain ground. So, if I was Kirby and was leading in the polls, I would not debate anyone. Strategy.


Paul Foer said...

Ellis....What polls??? Who is polling? Kirby has no money--except what outsider Democrats have given him--I doubt there is any polling.
But it is virtually impossible to learn anything about Kirby.

Kirby lost in 1993 to Wayne Turner. Most readers may not remember Wayne. Of course most readers don't know a thing about Kirby either. Julie Stankivic defeated Cynthia Carter and now serves Ward Six. This race is wide open--and again, I doubt there is any polling. It takes money and organization and it is not worth it in Ward Six. How many will turn out to vote anyhow. If not being in public is a strategic decision, one has to wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Is, as you say Ward 6 "is not worth it" why are you all upset about it?

There may not be any official polling (or there may be--only paid for by someone else). But perhaps the truest of polls lies within the community.

If I was a candidate and I was visible in my neighborhood and asking people for their votes. If I felt I had contacted 1000 people who affirmed their desire to vote for me in Ward 6. Why expend the effort of debating anyone. You can only lose. Why expend the effort contacting and talking to the media, you can only go downhill. And even if you can go uphill, it likely is not necessary.

You claim Ward 6 does not have the money etc. then I might suggest that they likely don't read your blog and anything you write is inconsequential to them. Despite that the news was broken on Facebook, many still see you as the "man who took down Zina" whom many many supported. Perception is reality and really--if they feel you did that to Zina, can you imagine what they feel you may do to Kenny Kirby?

This year's election was and is (to a lesser degree now) the first real chance for the black community to be well represented in City government.

As much as we don't like to think it, in a local election, much more than party plays a roll.

You have called for non-partisan elections yourself. Absent a party, what get's a voter's vote? Sure it may be the issues, but that is a pipe dream.

People vote for their neighbor, the guy who bought them a drink at the bar last year, the one that a trusted friend said was a good guy, the cutest one, the youngest one, the one that might offer them a job, the one that owes them a favor, and yes, maybe even the black, white, brown, or yellow one!

Paul Foer said...

Dear Anonymous....Nobody took down Zina but herself. To claim anything else or to bring race into that argument is purely racist on your part.

Kirby lost once before. Others have lost to white candidates as I have shown, so what's your point?

Why don;'t you identify yourself and write in why you like Kenny Kirby--or what you even know about him.

I did not "take down
" Zine Pierre nor am I looking to "take down" Kirby Kenny. Don't you get it?
Uh, I guess that was a rhetorical question.

Identify yourself please. I suspect you may even be Craig Purcell. Of course you lost in the same election as did Kirby, but in Ward One-you never let Ward One forget that.

Get real! Write something intelligible and identify yourself--unless you are Craig Purcell. You have your own blog.

Tom and Amy said...

Hi Paul.

I have been enjoying your blog and all of your back and forth here, but I just wanted to know if there was any of the same excitement going on in Ward 8. The information I am seeing about these two candidates seems minimal.

Keep up the good (and entertaining) work.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Paul Foer said...

There is not a lot of controversy about Ross Arnett and Rock Toews as they have lived in the same home for years, are raising kids and are pretty clear about their backgrounds. No great mysteries. Call them if you want to learn more--they are your neighbors.

Paul Foer said...

Dear Jon:

Well, who knows what role the ADCC did re: Mr Kirby. Call the chair Nick Berry and ask. Or try to communicate with Mr Kirby and ask him--if you can find him.

Will Small said...

Dear Anonymous and CP readers:

I can see why the anonymous Kirby supporter (?) sought to divert attention to the drama of the Ward 8 race - at the suggestion of Mr. Pomerance who's willing to stick their name and callback number on their words, I did a case search and you can see the results I got. Clearly a Mr. Kirby Sr. is different with earlier birthday, but a Kenneth Kirby DOB ... has 2 serious legal defenses in recent years, one petition for protection from domestic abuse and one award to plaintiff of $2726. If he doesn't want to stand before his constituents and explain himself, and they condone that by electing him I would be dissapointed. And if you want to call me a racist for doing the simple public record lookup and writing what I found, defend that statement to my mixed race friends or expect to look silly. From your record I can see you don't have the nerve to put your identity into this so I don't figure we can have that discussion.

Paul Foer said...

I gace Mr Kirby the chance to go over background material on him--one on one and he ignored me. He sent his comments on to ADCC CHai Nick Berry who contacted me but I did not share any information with Mr Berry, but I urged him to have Mr Kirby call me. He has not. Meanwhile, Messrs Weikel and Purcell put up my original email to Kirby on their fetid blog. So the blew the story open...not me.

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