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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grumps Cafe and Zu Coffee Are Open!!!

Grumps Cafe in Hillsmere and Zu Coffee across the road by The Bay Ridge Giant are open,  and to these two local establishments support CP, so we are reminding everyone that they are open during the blizzard. Grumps is always friendly and inviting, as is Zu, which also has a nice fireplace. And Grumps also has a fully-stocked bar.

CP urges readers to support their local businesses....and go enjoy some hot coffee and baked goods at Zu or a full-course meal at Grumps which has Fresh Blueberry Pancakes,  The Grump’s Char-Grilled-to-order burgers and oh by the way – they make a fabulous Bloody Mary!!!!  Or drink a Red Stripe or Corona and pretend you are in the Islands!  AND Please walk if you can...and if you must drive....please...very carefully.

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Join us for Sip N' Blogs each THURSDAY, 8-9 am at ZU Coffee, 934 Bay Ridge Road in the Giant Shopping Ctr.
February 11, County Executive Candidate Joanna Conti (weather permitting)
February 18, City Lobbyist Minor Carter
February 25, Judd Legum for Delegate, District 30


Anonymous said...

Actually, only go if you can walk and then even reconsider that with the blowing snow and 50 mph winds expected. The SHA (according to The Sun)has issued a warning to stay off the roads and you are encouraging people to drive.

Paul Foer said...

Dear Anonymous:

To accuse me of ever encouraging people to drive would be like accusing Milton Friedman of advocating raising taxes or to accuse Charlton Heston of pushing for gun control. And as Christopher Wauken said to Robert De Niro in The Deer Hunter, "What's the matter with you?"

This is what I wrote "AND Please walk if you can...and if you must drive....please...very carefully."

And as Robert DeNiro said in the same film while holding a pointed bullet, "See this? This is this.
It's not something else."
Now, whether you walk or drive I suggest you get out to the nearest store and buy yourself a life.

I would be much more respectful if you identified yourself.

(I do so enjoy referring to the movies...even if not totally pertinent...)

Anonymous said...

--and your "respectufulnesss" is precisely why people tend to NOT identify themselves to you.

Paul Foer said...

Don't presume to lecture me about "respectfulness"> I am still giving you a forum here and you are anonymous. Again--why should I give anonymous writers the time of day? The irony of your rant is excruciating. You'd get a respectful reply if you wrote a respectful comment--and identified yourself. Don't you get it? This is this. It's not something else. Now identify yourself or shut up and go back to hibernating in your cave....Please?
respecftully submitted...

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