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Monday, February 1, 2010

A Quick Way To Raise City Revenue!!! Fine My Non-Shoveling Neighbors

(NOTE---Within two hours of posting this comment, my street got plowed...of course the plow pushed snow back on to my sidewalk that I had shoveled....the power of the media? Or just coincidence???)


You may wish to consider sending all police and public works employees you can spare and go out and cite every single property owner who has not shoveled their walkways, aka sidewalks!!! Quick bucks for city coffers at $25 a pop. Could mean many thousands. Start with my next-door neighbor, whose recently purchased home cost eight times what my home cost. He is able-bodied and has teenage kids. Why is my sidewalk shoveled but not his--or the other person next to him?

Of course, sending out all these inspectors and processing all these fines would cost us money too, but my basic philosophy is if a law is on the books, enforce it! Otherwise, remove the law. Maybe the law is just "aspirational" and not really enforceable.

Hey--while I am on it, do you think you could plow my street and all the other streets around Eastport that have not been plowed? Or is plowing my street something to which we aspire but don't really intend to do?? I kept up my end of the bargain by paying taxes and shoveling my sidewalk. What about the rest of us?

Thank you!!

(mea culpa...a previous version of this read "Dear Mayor Moyer". We regret this error. Besides, we never expected her to listen to anything we said...)

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laura townsend said...

Paul, I may be an out-of-towner, but I understand legislation passed under the last council makes it a bit confusing as to who is responsible for sidewalk maintenance. Until the term 'maintenance' is defined, I say let the city shovel your sidewalks!

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