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Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Elections Again...Benoit Wants Candidates To JUST SAY NO to Contributions from Slots Developers

2010 Elections Again ... Anne Arundel County Councilman Jamie Benoit (D- 4) called on county council and county executive candidates not to accept contributions from any organization with a known material interest in outcome of the 2010 County referendum on Video Lottery Terminals. 
"The integrity of the referendum depends in part on the integrity of those who represent the County and who wish to do so.” Benoit said. "If the voters invalidate the law to permit slots passed by the County Council last year, it is critical that the next Council be objective."

Benoit's pledge promises not to accept monetary or in-kind donations from the Cordish Company, The Maryland Jockey Club, Magna Entertainment Corp., Citizens for Protection Against VLT Facilities, Inc. (a/k/a Stop slots at Arundel Mills) as well as affiliates and employees of and lobbyists for any such organizations.

"The entities involved in the slots referendum will spend lavishly to achieve their goals in the November referendum. This pledge will allow any candidate for County office to let everyone know that his or her support is not for sale," Benoit said. "I hope every candidate will join me in an effort to keep the process honest and transparent."

This has been covered in much greater detail in The Washington Post and The Capital and ACP has not paid careful attention to this story. The big question is slots at Laurel or at Arundel Mills? Slots are coming, so let's watch which candidates want them at which place--and how the big bucks from those who stand to make more big bucks are being spread around....
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