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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 Elections Again....This getting too weird Part Two

Continued from yesterday...the weird District 30 race and attention from the two main parties....

Ron George is also having another event with Republican insiders with big Washington DC connections, and if John Bolton was not good enough, this one is with Former Attorney General of the United States Ed Meese, described as "THE MAN THAT KNEW RONALD REAGAN BEST" Who is pulling all these strings for George to get elected? This event takes place at a private waterfront home in fancy Dreams Landing at 1804 River Watch Last which was last assessed at $2,551,080 on 2010. The suggested contribution is $150 per person for the main event only, $300 for the private VIP Photo/Cocktail Reception. Oh goody. A photo with Ed Meese. The home belongs to a retired accountant serving as treasurer of George's campaign named Donald Lee.

Wow. All this in our own, little old District 30. Will wonders never cease?

But on a serious note. What does this mean for our democracy? Our political process? Both Legum and George are pulling out all the stops with their own partisan heavy hitters. Do we want all these Inside-The-Beltway bigwigs unduly influencing our campaigns? Can't these guys raise enough money within their district? What does it say about this "need" to raise so much money--and national attention???

I posed questions about this to Delegate George and here are some of his comments:

I was asked to speak in Washington several times on how states have a role in major issues that affect all states. I was asked to speak because my Divest Terror bill was model legislation that many states copied. It took two years to get anything passed here. I showed how we as a state were helping Syria and Iran support terrorism and the threat to Israel. Also the Proof of Lawful Presence Act was a big concern at the federal level because of the security threat to Washington (something they recognized but locals did not). John Bolton and Ed Meese wanted to recognize me for these things long before Judd Legum came along. They are big on security issues. Ed Meese has said that I remind him of Reagan because I communicate one on one with members of the other party and thus many of them are willing to co-sponsor my bills. I am being recognized for actually working toward solutions; for doing actually something not because of anything about Legum. What has he done? You cannot even compare the two. My invitee list for the Meese event are my constituents. Bolton is throwing a Breakfast in D.C.I am to speak at (I doubt people will come). I have been asked to speak in Washington several times and have said yes twice before. I serve on thew ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council's Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force and a few other national groups that focus on exchanging ideas between the states. Sometimes I am asked to speak on those issues also. It helps legislators see what works in other states and the legislators that sponsored the legislation that worked receive recognition. I busted my you-know-what for four years and had some success in forcing important issues through.
I hear what George is saying. My main point here is that Democrats and Republicans alike do similar things in their campaigns and when one commentator attacks a Democrat for diong it, he shoiuld not ignore the Republican who is doing something similar. George and Legum have friends and associates in Washington, DC. and it is only a short drive from here. We need all kinds of serious campaign and election reform and I really wish we could focus our campaigns here in our voting district in our own state. I think Ron George has shown he is a dedicated and fair-minded delegate. He's a bit too conservative for my taste, and I certainly don't have much good to say about Bolton or Meese, and I'm certainly not happy that he is affiliated with them, but Legum's Democratic buddies are not necessarily clean as the fresh snow either. However, I hope the criteria for all voters will be based on the candidate's service and experience here in Annapolis and not based on any kind of guilt by association or presumed or claimed guilt, no matter from where it originated.

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