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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Hope Leopold Sends Us That Big Check Soon....

Talk about making advances....some wanted and some, apparently not so wanted....Maybe the city should step forward and pay Leopold and the county's legal bills. Let's see, he sends us about 800+ grand, but he gets sued for 300+ grand....I wonder what Mayor Cohen had to promise he would do in exchange...oh...I don't know where I am going with this...I was just wondering...  I hope that check arrives and clears soon...and please, please don't leave it laying around in City Hall. Get it in the bank...fast...City employees are counting on it. Wait a minute. What if we could get all our tax proceeds sped up from all those higher levels of government and they could send it our way now instead of making us wait? Or we could just ask for an advance in exchange for paying a higher interest rate back on it? Or we the people could just pay our taxes a year or two in advance. I dunno, or maybe we could actually cut expenses? Huh?


A Finance Dept. Employee said...

The lawsuit is for $500K. $300K on the one count and $200K on the other. Your newspaper covered this.

The money from the County was wired. No check needed and it is in the bank! Your newspaper also covered this.

Paul Foer said...

Some people just take the fun out of everything---but kudos to you for setting me straight--and hey--I just published that piece and you immediately responded. Since you know so much--and maybe really are a finance department employee, why not contact me privately and in confidence and tell me more? Or maybe you're someone else entirely. ???

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