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Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010 Elections Again Broadneck and Cape St Claire Cut Out Own Arnold Resident from Candidate's Debate

ACP has learned that Jack Wilson, an Arnold resident and Independent candidate for Congress has been excluded from an upcoming candidate's debate. ACP has been promoting the candidate's forum this weekend sponsored by Broadneck Council of Communities and the Arnold Preservation Council at the Cape St. Claire Clubhouse on Saturday, October 2. The Broadneck Council is an umbrella group representing the communities of Amberley, Pendennis Mount, Atlantis, and Homewood Landing and the Arnold Preservation Council, represents the growth and environmental concerns of communities at the western end of the Broadneck.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking that I am raising a stink because Wilson advertises here. Uh no.....Wilson is a legitimate candidate and I've always stood up for independent and third party candidates (except when Ralph Nader got George Bush elected and put us into Iraq...but I digress...). Besides, Wilson has been an Arnold resident for decades! It gets weirder when you consider that these groups just about represent the entire portion of the tiny Anne Arundel part of the sprawling First District. I have also asked the group why Green Mike Shay is not running. And what about the Libertarian candidate who got %2.5 of the vote last time? WHAT IS UP WITH THIS?  It's just plain wrong--and stupid.

The "Cape Blogger" at http://gobroadneck.com/?p=248  or in the original post  http://www.cape-blogger.com/has opined the following [with my emphasis in bold italics]:

This event has been well attended in the past, and for good reason. You will not find a better opportunity to learn about these candidates and size them up firsthand. Whatever your political views, these candidates have all stepped forward to serve their counties, state and country and work for the people that they represent. There are few things we as citizens can do more patriotic than to take the opportunity to hear what these men and women have to say and ask them questions about the issues we care most about.
If you are free this Saturday evening, come by the Clubhouse and show these candidates that Capers care about the decisions they make for us. We owe them our time, attention and respect, but mostly, we owe ourselves the effort to participate in the democratic process. I can assure you that you are not going to learn anything useful about the candidates or the issues from their lame and misleading TV ads. You need to take advantage of this “face time” to get a true sense of what they’re all about.

I have to say, I fear a bit for our system of government these days – that it has evolved in such a way that makes it incapable of addressing the problems that face our country in any meaningful way.  My gut response is often to turn away from it altogether – tune out the counterproductive dysfunction and anger – but I know that isn’t the correct reaction.   We need to set aside our cynicism and anger and find constructive and mature ways to participate in the discussion.  And we then need to form our own thoughtful opinions based on facts and firsthand knowledge as opposed to basing them on the ratings-driven, sensationalist, and divisive coverage from the cable news outlets and their blowhard performers.  I think meetings like the General Election Candidates Forum are a great way to start and critical to the survival of our democracy.
I hope Cape Blogger will weigh in on the exclusion of Wilson!

Shame on The Broadneck Council of Communities and the Arnold Preservation Council

Please contact them at:  office@cscia.org
Louis Biondi at "Louis G. Biondi" lgbiondi@verizon.net   

I tried to communicate with the organizers but have not received a response to my email inquiry as of publication time.
(The following is taken exactly from a letter from Wilson. Any typos or spelling errors are those of the campaign and not the publisher of ACP)

"As a broadneck resident of 45 years I was very disturbed at the decision to not allow Independents to participate in your upcoming event . As an Independent running for congress it is hard enough to run for for office now the people who I have lived with for 45 years have shut me out. The Independents voters are going to be the voters who will decide who will elections. I am sure that if they knew that one of their own
was not allowed to attend it would not set well. The American people have asking form change it is clear that you want to give nothing but the same. As a member of the tea party and the Americans for prosperity

I am disappointed in your decision

Thank You,

Jack Wilson
Independant for Congress
Maryland District 1
http://www.votejackwilson.com/ "

Last night's candidates forum with the North Arundel Chamber of Commerce was...yet another gathering talking heads at the front of a room...as often is the case, it was more fun to whisper in the back with the politico-geeks such as Mike Pantelides and Tony Yost....however ACP did enjoy some conversations with County Council candidate Derek Fink, Senate candidate Ned Carey, Judicial candidate Ron Jarashow, county executive candidate Joanna Conti, sheriff Ron Bateman and his opponent Patrick Jameson and congressional candidate Jim Wilhelm...and how could I forget that charming young man running for delegate, Jeremiah Chiappelli (who always says his last name sounds like "Chia Pet"...)
...and as often is the case, candidates about equaled the audience, most of which was composed of active supporters and volunteers.....the sandwiches were great!
Bob Ehrlich endorses Ron Elfenbein for Senate. No surprises there of course, but here's a little video. (I'd love to post information on Senator John Astle's campaign for re-election--but despite requests, I don't have any news or updates and don't see any news or updates on his website) See a little video of Ehrlich and Elfenbein here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpHzjko2ZxQ

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I am not sure I want to consider a congressman who has difficulty putting two sentences together; but is he really a candidate?

I thought you reported that he was disallowed because he did not get the required signatures or something.

Paul Foer said...

Dear Anonymous

OK, I'll allow your comment because it is relevant and relatively benign, but please--identify yourself!

Yes, his email was somewhat disappointing and I repeated it verbatim to honor the journalistic adage "to show, not tell" but hey--he is running a serious, write-in campaign. he has been an Arnold resident for decades! As far as candidates who canot put sentences together--well we had a president who could not do that very well and we have one now who seemingly can't do it all the time either....

Paul Foer said...

...and I again hit "publish" before I checked for typos....darn!

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