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Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 Elections Again......Dirty Green Politics???

Republican Senate candidate from District 30 Ron Elfenbein proclaims "Let The Dirty Politics Begin" but he's suggesting it's his opponent John Astle, the incumbent Democrat who is bringing in on. Bringing what on exactly? Elfenbein writes:

"Recently, my opponent and his volunteers have gone out of their way to spread lies and encourage dirty politics.  One of his door knocking volunteers stopped at a home with an Elfenbein yard sign, and encouraged them to pick the "green" candidate.  It would seem that my opponent's campaign is focusing on his "green" approach. 

Unfortunately, my opponent's actions are not "green."  He drives a large pick-up truck, while I drive a Prius and ride my bike around for door knocking to save gas and energy.  These are only small examples of how the campaign for district 30 is beginning to turn ugly.
Thank you all for your support over the next 46 days as we try to create real change in Maryland and try to do so with integrity.  Feel free to visit my website, blogFacebook and Twitter to read more about me, my platform, and my plans for Maryland's future. "
Well heck, if that's as dirty as things are going to get, I'm going back to bed. Gentlemen, puhleeze! First of all, no candidate can control everything their volunteers are doing, and we don't know whether Astle would condone or condemn such an action. There are controversies about signs during every election. As far as what being "green" means, we could discuss that one all until the grass wilts but a Prius versus a pickup truck won't settle such a dispute. Besides, Astle lives in dense, downtown Annapolis and probably walks all over the place, while Elfenbein lives on the riverfront in Chesapeake Harbor, miles from shopping and in the critical area which not too long ago was woods and marsh. He also commutes to work in Leonardtown. Green? Who knows what is green? Call me when there is something really dirty.

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ron elfenbein said...

You are right. but if memory serves there was more to the post than you chose to comment on. Either my opponent or his surrogates are engaging in nasty lies thru a "push poll"-lies in the negative about me and in the positive for him. Senator Astle is a man of integrity and a good person. I do not believe he is engaging in this or condoning it nor do I believe the race will get "ugly" from either candidate. As you point out though, people cannot control what others say. Our point was that the "machine" will roll out nasty stuff and lies all day long- and it already started doing so.

Paul Foer said...

Ron, If I missed a part about a "push poll", please provide me with information so I can report about it as well. Wehile we may not like push-polls, they are used all the time, but do they fit the definition of negative? Maybe some? Maybe not others? I promise to do what I can to referee negative campaigning, but aside from lamenting about it....what can we all do to stop it? The main challenge here is that Senatror Astle has a legislative record. You do not, though I do not hold that in support of him or against you. How do we manage a level playing field?

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