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Thursday, September 30, 2010

And Now...From The Boob Tube....

( From our Sure to Offend Someone Department...) I just can't seem to get any plastic surgeons or cosmetic dentists to advertise here, so I am pitching this out in the hopes that maybe I can attract some advertising on this here boob tube. After all, the plastic surgeon who performed this procedure advertises in that local "lifestyle" magazine. Just thought I'd get this off my chest. And remember, you can get bigger boobs and be out Christmas shopping a few days later--no doubt for new bras. Heck-hang the old ones up as ornaments on the tree. I dunno....but this was sent to me unsolicited--I did not go looking for this kind of thing. But, it is local, so why not? And it is not X rated...darn it! (Of course some people think I'm the biggest boob around town, but maybe I have competition now. But hey--I did not make this. I am merely keeping you abreast of the news here))


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