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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thomas Friedman on "The Tea Kettle" Movement

NYT columnist Tom Friedman says the Tea Party Movement is really more like a Tea Kettle Movementbecause it's mainly letting off steam. However, he admires its recognition of a core problem confronting the USA but first asks "Where were you folks for eight years?" referring to The Bush Administration of course. He writes:

"The issues that upset the Tea Kettle movement — debt and bloated government — are actually symptoms of our real problem, not causes. They are symptoms of a country in a state of incremental decline and losing its competitive edge, because our politics has become just another form of sports entertainment, our Congress a forum for legalized bribery and our main lawmaking institutions divided by toxic partisanship to the point of paralysis."

Wow!  Has he been in Anne Arundel County lately? Read the whole column here:

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