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Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 Elections Again....Conti Says "Don't Come" to Her Own Fundraiser

Is it a Halloween Trick? A cleverly designed campaign stunt? Or is it simply an odd attempt at humor?  Democratic candidate for county executive Joanna Conti's web-site posts the following:

Joanna Conti's PLEASE DON'T COME Fundraiser

for busy people like yourself who support Joanna's campaign but don't
have the time (or energy) to attend YET ANOTHER
political event.
Date: October 32, 2010
Time: Now o'clock PM
Location: Planet Earth
Attire: Fuzzy slippers and clothing optional
Cost: The more the merrier!

Hmmm......hmmmmm.....according to her campaign it's a tongue-in-cheek way to let supporters know they can make a donation from the web-site and they don't have to attend a fundraiser. But her staff did stress that I was welcome to come, even though the date was, er well, October 32. And when it comes to fund raising, her campaign tells me they are about to post an impressive report. Uggh! This must mean all the candidates will soon also be spinning their fund raising numbers. Maybe I'll actually read and report them sometime before October 32 if I can just find my fuzzy slippers. In the meantime, please see what Conti has to say about her fund raising. Incidentally, Mr. Leopold has praised her for being a "tenacious fundraiser.":

Joanna Conti, the Democratic nominee for Anne Arundel county executive, announced today that she raised $95,335 in the campaign reporting period ending Oct. 17, 2010, almost quadruple the $25,294 John Leopold raised during this period.  Since she entered the race last October, Conti has raised $338,458, more than triple the $96,879 John Leopold raised during this period.  

“My fundraising results show two things:  my campaign continues to gain momentum and voters want change,” says Conti.

In other news, a recent poll conducted by Anne Arundel Community College found that a surprisingly-high 32% of voters had not decided who they would vote for in the county executive race less than three weeks before election day.  “With the recent lawsuit against Mr. Leopold alleging sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation, it is no surprise that the survey found that ethics and morality are the top issues voters say are influencing their decision making,” says Conti.

Joanna Conti is running on a platform of “no more politics as usual” and has promised to restore integrity to the county executive’s office.

      2010 Annual Campaign Finance Report (8/30/210 through 10/17/2010)

Number of Donors
Joanna Conti
John Leopold

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E Melendez said...

Where does the AACC survey/poll indicate that voters are looking for ethics etc. Of course they are, but this post makes it seem like the poll specifically queried respondents on ethics.

Paul Foer said...

Conti's campaign is of course spinning their spin as one would expect them to do. If you wish to weigh in with more depth, please do so. thanks! PMF aka ACP

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