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Friday, February 15, 2008

Robot Garages--What Will They Think Of Next? Smoke and Mirrors?

In our never-ending quest to pack more and more cars into our tiny city, we learn of yet another example of how managing a symptom keeps us from attacking the problem. Today's Sun and The Capital report about an indoor "robot garage" and while on its face, it sounds grand, one has to wonder why we even bother. Why are we trying to innovate to pack more cars into town when we should be looking for innovative (or even tried and true) ways to bring in real humans and engage in commercial activity rather than just wastefully storing cars in what otherwise could be productive real estate? Some way or another, WE will pay for this high-tech contraption. CP says don't get suckered into the gee whiz factor of fancy technology. Remember, the goal of the labor and capital intensive folks is to eventually replace us with robots as well--or at least turn us into robots.

Annapolis City officials are just thrilled! Yeah-now we'll park cars indoors. Economic Development Coordinator (or is that Director) Mike Miron think's it's great. "We're literally out of land downtown," said Mike Miron, the city's director of the Department of Economic Affairs. "So we hope this is a model for infill and use of smart growth." Oh yeah baby! Keep on bringing more and more cars in and keep on filling up more buildings with more cars. Pretty soon there will be no room for people and no room for economic activity, but the cars will sit..and sit...and sit.... One question: Does the ventilation system work?

(Note: If you are not a sci-fi or pop culture or robot buff, the following may seem nutty...)
Warning! Warning! Aliens! Warning! Aliens! Marvin do this! Marvin do that! Here I am with a brain the size of a planet and they're telling me to take you to the bridge...oooohhhh I am sooooo depressed......I can feel it Dave, I can really feel it. Don't Dave. Stop Dave. Please stop. Can't we just talk about it Dave?
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