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Friday, February 15, 2008

A Snapshot of Crime in Annapolis: We Need Smaller Graph Bars in Blue And More Police Officers in Blue

This chart has been provided by Dennis Conti and Trudy McFall of Citizens for a Better Annapolis (CBA). [please be patient while I deal with the technical issues] This is based on arrest data obtained from APD as well as FBI UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) arrest data. CBA was founded by Trudy McFall and other concerned citizens to address pressing issues facing the City of Annapolis.

What this graph [admittedly, when displayed properly] shows is that we (dark blue) are way above the averages for crime rates (light blue) for comparable cities.

CP believes that as part of an overall Community Policing Program, it is The Police Department's job to compile and evaluate these statistics with the citizens of Annapolis. Together, we can formulate priorities and strategies to fight crime and work to support those strategies with our elected officials. This does not appear to be happening. It has fallen, to a great extent, to volunteers to perform this public function and to file Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIA) to obtain this information. Similarly, local news media organizations should be doing this as well. What the local news media have been doing is simply rehashing the recent official report that crime is down from last year. Crime is down from last year, but the real story is what are the overall trends, how do we compare with other cities (hence the above graph) and what are and what should we be doing about it.
Some observers might conclude that our police leaders are not doing their job, our media are not doing their job, our elected officials are not doing their job but that our local, volunteer citizens such as CBA and CP are trying to fill the gap. One must ask, do criminals, prospective Annapolis homeowners and businesses perceive this is happening as well?


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