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Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Memory of Peg Wallace

Peg Wallace was a "fixture" in Eastport for decades. Known for her sense of humor, warmth and fine spirit, she was also the driving force for many years behind the creation of the Annapolis Maritime Museum. I think she was just one of the neatest ladies I have ever known. We met in the early 80's at which time the Maritime Museum was known as "The Barge House" and the Eastport Historical Committee.

She appreciated old things and what they represented, like her 1981 car for example. One always knew when Peg was coming as we could hear her giant, old Mercedes diesel chugging up the street. Her license plate read "Ditzey." Peg lived in a lovely, Victorian home full of antiques and surrounded by a pleasant landscape. I felt as if I stepped back into time in her home.

About 18 years ago, we helped put on a fund-raiser party for the growing Eastport Historic Committee that featured an antique doll exhibit. We presented Peg, our leader, with a bouquet of flowers in appreciation for her efforts and I told her she was my favorite antique doll. I'm not sure she appreciated my well-intentioned comment, but as I think back, she was a spry and youthful woman in her late 60's. She stayed active and productive well into her elder years.

Peg was our realtor when we bought our present home and she made that a pleasant experience. She had forgotten more about real estate in Annapolis than most local realtors ever knew. When we first took possession of our new home, I was poking around in the attic and found one piece of a newspaper, an old section of The Capital. You can imagine my surprise and puzzlement when I found the remains were basically a full-page ad for Champion Realty with a photo and quote from Peg. It was the only thing left behind in an otherwise empty house.

You may wish to visit to read about Peg and to add your own memory of her as well.


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