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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Race For Mayor.....and they're off....or at least one is

...And that one would be Trudy McFall who last night officially announced her intention to be the next mayor before a jubilant crowd of 50 to 75 (it's a guess...I did not count) people at Harry Browns on State Circle. Okay, I know. I wanted to forget about this campaign until the summer but with McFall's fundraising and now this kickoff party--it's happening now. More and more, talk of the town is she is the one to beat. It's too early for that...waaay too early. She's certainly the one to out-fundraise and out-organize for the moment. Annapolitans are talking more about who is running--how we can use this year to shape an agenda and vision and I am all for that. Also the subject of chatter--what a relief it's going to be to have a new mayor. I'll drink to that.

Last night McFall was introduced by campaign manager Dennis Conti and she praised him, reminding the audience that it was he who ran the successful campaigns of both County Councilman Josh Cohen and Alderman Ross Arnett. Cohen, who is considering entering the race, and ever the pleasant and savvy politician--and as always publicly keeping his options open--was in the audience and McFall welcomed him. --a topic we will take up in another post--so his appearance is all the more interesting. I take it as a signal that he remains undecided.....On the other hand, he may simply be signaling that he is always the loyal Democrat. However, if Cohen really wants to play it safe, he should remain on County Council. On a similar note, I did not see a single alderman or other elected official in the crowd, which brings me to the next issue...who else is in the race?

Let's first look at the Aldermen and Alderwomen:
Classie Hoyle, maybe
Sheila Finlayson, highly likely
Dick Israel, highly likely
Fred Paone, highly unlikely
Ross Arnett, highly unlikely
Sam Shropshire, maybe, likely, unlikely, perhaps, ask him later
Julie Stankivic, highly unlikely
Dave Cordle, his hat is in the ring
Mayor Ellen O. Moyer, only if she can pull a Bloomberg...don't laugh too hard....

And among others:
Frank Flyntz, R, has a website but no recent updates and had a fundraiser months ago
Chris Fox, R, has a website...and greatly enhanced recently
Zina Pierre, D, I think she's in the race...
Chuck Weikel, D, it's anybody's guess
Herb McMillan, R, maybe???
Louise Beauregard ?????? (inside joke)
Josh Cohen, see above
Have I missed anyone?

A couple items of interest in McFall's brief presentation:
She reminded us of her managerial and financial experience--she will likely repeat that...again...and again
She mentioned the Market House--let's address it early in the next administration and not wait for the courts
Never the less, she will hire an experienced, professional chief administrative office whether that will be a city administrator or a city manager as the result of a new charter amendment..McFall has made a fairly strong and determined movement toward supporting the city manager issue.
She does not seek higher office beyond mayor. If elected, she plans to travel or enjoy a beach after serving her term. (Our current mayor took 6 weeks while serving as mayor to go to Europe...remember that?)
She feels that the seriousness of crime has been somewhat lessened due to changes wrought by the new chief.

In a subsequent post, I'll lay down some ground rules about how I'll be covering this election.....but one thing is for sure.....after last night's kickoff for McFall, the race is on....and the elections are now less than  year away.

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Anonymous said...


The official count at last night's kickoff event for Trudy's mayoral campaign was actually over 100 people. We were pleased that it was such a good cross-section of Annapolis voters and represented the breadth of Trudy's support.


Anonymous said...


Just as an FYI, I believe that Mike Pantelides, a Republican from Ward 3 is also running.

ellis said...

I can't say enough nice things about Trudy McFall. She is a very accessible candidate and will take the time to answer any question you toss her way. You're likely to get a REAL answer too, not a generic, "politically-safe" answer. I think that's probably what has impressed me the most about her. She's not afraid to answer questions.

A few weeks ago, I was sent an invitation to her gathering for last night and unfortunately I was unable to attend. I'm glad it went well though!

And to think I could have finally met ya face-to-face Paul! hehe..

Paul Foer said...

Dennis Thank you. It was so crowded that it was impossible to count so I took a guess. My apologies for not checking but I qualified it as a "guess." Now you know why the National Park Service no longer provides crowd estimates in Washington--remember the so-called million man march?

Paul Foer said...


I am always interested in comments and welcome personal impressions of the various candidates. I hope to publish them all--as long as they are not nasty, mean-spirited or offensive...and hopefully the writer will identify him or herself. Thanks

Paul Foer said...

Scott Thanks for the heads up. Someone actually mentioned that and I forgot. Can't say I know the person. Can't find a website for him either. Mr. Pantelides--please send me any information....thanks...

Anonymous said...

You do realize Ms. Beauregard is deceased, correct?

Paul Foer said...

Congratulations. You got the inside joke.

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