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Monday, September 7, 2009

Ahh The Good Old Days When Presidents Only Came to School to Read

9:05 am on 9-11-01.....A deer caught in the headlights of world events......This post is dedicated to the many parents who are freaking out that President Obama is speaking to school children.  Perhaps they liked it better when ne'er do well, draft-dodging, recovering alcoholics who got into Yale because of family connections came to read to them about goats.  Yep-the sign says it all, "Reading Makes a Country Great."

Perhaps the Bush Crime Family feels that it is "Breeding that makes a country great."

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Paul Foer said...

To "Ronald Wilson"
...gotta play by my rules--you want me to publish your letters--no matter how stupid they are? Well, you are going to have to fully identify your self.

Paul Foer said...

Ronald Wilson (as in Reagan)Sorry a PO box does not cut it...street address and phone number...otherwise, forget it. As for Peter, I cannot verify who you are either so...sorry...why so afraid to put in your full identity???

Paul Foer said...

Tis what "Peter" wrote after I asked him to do what is fair to everyone--identify himself to me so we all know it is you when you write.
"People are afraid to give you full info, because when you don't agree with the message, you are very adept at attacking the messenger."

Good grief "Peter"...I am always inviting and welcoming opinions of all varieties--but none of them are worthy unless backed by a real person. Yes--and I will attack the messenger when that messenger is anonymous and cowardly but then attacks me (whose identity is known to all and who takes it on the chin) for not allowing him or her a free place to crap all over me for supposedly being close-minded....sheesh! Gimme a break! Now which Peter are you and where do you live? Once we settle that, your letters will be published...and hey--I skewer most everybody--and you can skewer me too, but you must identify yourself...so welcome to the club

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