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Monday, September 7, 2009

Harwood Resident Comments on Democratic In-Fighting

Loyal Reader Arnold Gasper of Harwood takes a closer look at Boss Ellen "O" Moyer's comments to Nick Berry of the city's Democratic Central Committee (re-published below):
From: Ellen Moyer <EOMoyer@annapolis.gov>
Sent: Thu, Sep 3, 2009 4:45 pm
Subject: Re: Important ADCC Business

…… Nick, I totally disagree with your last sentence.  As the chair of the ADCC, you have executed no leadership for a positive perception of the party as a whole.  You have been silent when Democrats have followed the rhetoric of the opposition party.  As a result we are at risk of losing our blue status in the ocean of red.



Very introspective, insightful and illuminating. The Government of Annapolis is at risk of becoming Republican, because the Chair Person of the ADCC isn't doing his job?  It’s not related to the perception of the leadership, policies, and governance exhibited by the Mayor?  Reading The Capital over the past few years one would not get that impression.

I wonder what Lewis Carroll would have thought?

Such poetic prose: “…… at risk of losing our blue status in the ocean of red”.  It reminds me of the Roman (
Byzantine) Chariot Races in the 6th Century.  There were the Blues, the Reds, Yellows, Greens, etc.  One Emperor in Constantinople was almost overthrown in a citizen revolt until his wife, The Empress Theodora (a former prostitute, and Saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church), told him “Yo, Justinian, be a man, and unleash the Legions” (my Latin translation).  I think 60,000 were killed that day (my memory is faulty on the number killed).

The Mayor of Annapolis isn’t planning to run for County Executive is she?  Should I be worried?  Should I be establishing a Defense in Depth on my Compound, or should I emigrate and seek political asylum in some far-off foreign land such as Calvert or Prince Georges Counties?

Oh well, as K’ung-tzu (551 BC to 479 BC) use to say, “Grasshopper, to understand there is no understanding, is right on”.

Arnold Gasper
Harwood, MD

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