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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cohen Makes Bold Campaign Promise...get your recorders out....

In Josh Cohen's recent campaign re-start speech, I noticed that while he went on the offensive regarding Dave Cordle's record, he said just about nothing about Chris Fox, other than mentioning his name. Hmmm... But here is one promise Cohen made that was so incredibly bold and courageous that if left me absolutely speechless...which is hard to do to me:

"I know politicians are not supposed to make a lot of promises, but I promise you this. If the voters of Annapolis trust me with their vote on November 3rd, the next four years in Annapolis are gonna' be nothing like the last eight years."
Fer'real? I can see why politicians are not supposed to make promises. See and hear it for yourself. Amen. Nothing like the last eight years. Not in any way. Hey--was that FOE and mayoral appointee Tony Spencer in the background stumping for Josh?? I recall when he campaigned for Boss Ellen eight years ago...before he got his job at City Hall what exactly is the retired firefighter doing there?? I remember during the height of the crime wave, Boss Ellen sent him to a conference in Maiam to get, what were those ideas? Did he ask Horatio?? If it was his idea to fire Chief Johnson and bring in Chief Pristoop, more power to Mr. Spencer, but I doubt that was the case. He's stumping for a job--ya think?

All the other Dems on City Council were there and were mentioned, but there was only one former candidate for mayor--Wayne Taylor who got all of 50+ votes. I did not see or hear him introduce Gil Renaut, Trudy McFall, Sam Shropshire or Laurie Sears Deppa...(or Zina Pierre of course) although his web-site says they are supporting him. (correction--his web-site said all seven Democratic candidates for City Council are supporting him...It appears that only Taylor is now supporting him, alone among the former mayoral candidates)

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Marcia Marshall said...

Glad I can now listen to CP on the radio! It's my information source of choice since I can multi-task - do something else (like drive to work) while catching up on scintillating commentary.

Paul Foer said...

Thanks....I am still waiting for you to substantiate your claim about Josh Cohen being unethical. At least one reader has given me feedback that it is not ethical of me to publish such claims. I think it is because you signed your name and are stating an opinion and he is a public figure--but it would be nice... thanks

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