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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OhNine OnLine for Sept 29

Beginning October 3, Ward Three Candidate Scott Bowling will be taking a best practice from Alderman(s) Israel and Arnett and meeting with Ward 3 residents the Saturday prior to City Council meetings to get their feedback on issues affecting our Ward as well as items on the upcoming Agenda.  Any other candidates or Aldermen interested??? Click on Bowling's ad to go to his web-site  (does not affect revenue).

Ward Five Candidate Jim Conley releases some information about his background. Clicking on his ad (does not affect revenue) or visit www.conleyforward5.com/transparency?a=1&c=1129 .

Speaking of the need to release information on people's backgrounds, Ward Six's Kenny Kirby's web-site www.kennykirby.com continues to be the exact same as it has been for months--with no news and no updates. He still says "I'm Just Getting Started. Your [sic] can help now by giving me your thoughts on how to move Ward 6 forward.  And give me your ideas for this website."  Well? Is anybody interested in giving Mr. Kirby some ideas??? How about some real details about his background and qualifications? That might be a bit more interesting than a photo of his uncle from before the time most of us were born, but I guess Mr. Kirby is still just getting started. Mr. Kirby does not advertise here but I certainly don't want to be accused of not giving him any publicity. If he hosts an event or sends out a news release or does something, I'll probably publish it.  Lo and behold....after I wrote this column I got word that he  sent out an email blast--with the same photos of his waterman ancestors from his web-site!

He writes:

"Annapolis and Ward 6 is important to me and my family.  We have lived here and worked its waters as commercial fishermen for over 100 years.  Here is a picture of my uncle Jack Kirby about 1925.  He often worked for Captain Rawlings in Eastport as a waterman and osyterman.[sic]"

As an osyterman. Harvesting osyters I s'pose. The author of this email blast is the same Kenny Kirby that cannot return an email or phone call, cannot meet meet upon invitation from his opponent, cannot attend Sip N' Blog and whose campaign claimed that it was unfair to expect minority and disadvantaged persons to respond to surveys via email. Yet we do have a photo of his grandfather. Hey--if you were lucky enough to hear the fake "Bill Charles" interview with him on Purcell-Weikel's blog, you would have heard Kenny Kirby mumble in the background in the last few seconds how Paul would come along and call him racist and talk about his grandfather. Well, you got the second part right. But then they cut off that portion of the interview. It was quite funny to hear Weikel say "Don't say anything else..."

Join with local politicos every Thursday morning, from 8-9 am for our Sip N' Blogs normally at ZU Coffee, 934 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis, Maryland, in the Giant Shopping Center. Special guests will be:
Oct 1--James Conley, Ward 5
Oct 8--Mat Silverman, Ward 5
Oct. 15--Josh Cohen (invited)
Oct 22--Chris Fox at Sly Pub
Oct 29--Dave Cordle
Stop by on your way to work for your morning latte and meet other local activists. Zu now has a drive-thru window! LISTEN TO CP ON 1430WNAV every weekday morning for insights into local issues and politics.


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