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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

At Last Night's City Council Meeting...

Poor Boss Moyer---She got beaten down on each of the three bills introduced by Alderman Dave Cordle that she tried to suppress--meaning the line item budget, the council-manager amendment and the hiring freeze bills are moving through. Now--on to other matters....In addition to all the council members, with the exception of Sam of the Shire who is off in Pilsen, Czech Republic as previously reported, and one Alderwoman in particular who even when she is occupying her seat seems to be off elsewhere...I saw hopefuls Greg Stiverson, Rock Toews, Ian Pfeiffer and Jennifer Monteith.  Let's see...which candidates does that leave?  Mat Silverman--who was probably on duty with the County Police, Scott Bowling who was scheduled that night to be interviewed by The Sierra Club and then where was Kenny Kirby? I don't go to every City Council meeting but I have been to many and I don't recall ever seeing that aldermanic candidate. However, I suppose that if he does get elected, he will actually attend City Council meetings...and listen...and speak..and vote however Chuck Weikel instructs him.

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