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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kenny Kirby--A Man Who Gets Georgia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts But Doing What?

Not only were serious questions raised about Jim Conley, but The Capital recently raised questions about Kenny Kirby, though with kid gloves on. Both Conley and Kirby failed to file their most recent campaign finance reports but so did Zina Pierre, Wayne Taylor and Sam Shropshire. Even though they are out of the race, they still have such an obligation but Kirby and Conley (at least for now) are still in the race for alderman.

Kenny Kirby and Jim Conley--where are your statements???

There are lingering questions about this man who likes to remain a mystery as I have shown here numerous times.

He has repeatedly been unwilling to speak in public with his opponent or provide more than the most basic information about himself, but has no problem engaging in negative attacks against his opponent who had a well-known and visible career in this city. Little is known, nor does Kirby apparently want much to be known about his history, but questions have been raised about Kirby. See here for previous posts about Kenny Kirby:

Oct 02, 2009
And then there is Kenny Kirby the Democrat. How many different places has he lived--not only in Annapolis but also in Georgia, Connecticut and Massachusetts? What kid of work does he do? Does he really have a college degree? ...

Oct 10, 2009
From: To: (deleted) Subject: A Special Message Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 15:43:55 -0500 "I am sure you have been watching as recent events have unfolded. First Zina Pierre, now Josh Cohen, Classie Hoyle and I. ...

Sep 02, 2009
Clarence Goldberg (FOE, Eastport Democratic activist, accountant, campaign finance preparer for many Democratic candidates including Kirby, drives voters to polls)--$26.00....yep twenty-six dollars. This certainly does not show any ...

Oct 11, 2009
Once again, we see how Ward Sixer Greg Stiverson is rebuffed by the Kirby/Weikel Show when he takes the time and effort and goodwill to create a public forum. Just read the below and wonder why would Kirby actually want to sit at the ...

Aug 06, 2009
kenny kirby who wants to be the alderman from the sixth ward has made some minor changes to his web-site and sent out an email blast which inexplicably went to an acquaintance of mine in new york city of all places, who forwarded it to ...

Aug 19, 2009
to which, mr. kirby or someone in his campaign responded (and note the cc's to candidate zina pierre, candidate josh cohen, mayor ellen moyer and democratic leader kory blake: from: kenny kirby ...

Sep 29, 2009
Speaking of the need to release information on people's backgrounds, Ward Six's Kenny Kirby's web-site continues to be the exact same as it has been for months--with no news and no updates. ...

Oct 09, 2009
The Moyer-Weikel cabal has prepared a negative attack mailer claiming that Greg Stiverson Is Wrong For Ward Six but Kenny Kirby Is The Right Choice for Ward Six....and?? The question remains, why? What are the next ten words, ...

Sep 11, 2009
This Democratic machinery must really want to help Kirby, but Kirby cannot even raise a dime on his own turf. People will put up signs for him but won't put their money where their signs are. Or maybe, the rank and file within the ...

Aug 02, 2009
Kirby has been invited by phone and email but has been unresponsive and most uninterested. Jim Conley is welcome as I have made clear to him but one minor matter has to be resolved first. Classie Hoyle and Sheila Finlayson are not ...

Jul 06, 2009
Alderman Dick Israel rode in the parade and Aldermanic hopefuls Ian Pfeiffer and Kenny Kirby (yes-seen again in a rare public appearance) marched with Dems. Kirby's shirt said something about him being a man of the community or ...

Now, the casual observer might say "Oh that guy Foer is out to get Kirby" but serious readers know that I try to cover and be fair to all candidates, though it is an impossible task, yet I do try to publicize the activities of every candidate fairly. I have given Kenny Kirby every possible opportunity to provide information, to allow me to publicize his campaign just as I have afforded every candidate. But something about Kirby is different--he flat out refuses to tell us about himself. Even his modest campaign literature is scant and his web-site just shows photos of his uncle and grandfather. ???  I've tried to meet the man but he hides behind the "protective" yoke of Wacky Chuck Weikel and Craig "Pure Zeal" Purcell who never miss an opportunity to attack me and to use their divisive and deceitful blog to call me a racist in their silly and cynical attempts to silence me.

Oddest of all is that Pure Zeal Purcell is perhaps the most zealous and outspoken proponent of historic preservation in Annapolis (although he lives in Baltimore where he supposedly is an architect), yet he constantly uses his weird blog to attack Kirby's opponent, Greg Stiverson, one of the most active and engaged historic preservationists in town. Kirby's own campaign literature even attacks Stiverson for being a historic preservationist, as if that is an evil moniker. ???

Are you wondering abut the title of this post--"Kenny Kirby--A Man Who Gets Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey...But Doing What?" Read more on Kirby in the next day or two as we attempt to piece together about his background...and hope he will fill in the blanks...stay tuned....and remember--we have given Kirby many chances to provide information or respond...and he has not.

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