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Thursday, October 15, 2009

County Executive Race--Already? Conti Counting Down For County

Joanna Conti, a Delaware native and Broadneck businesswoman has taken the first step toward running for Anne Arundel County Executive in 2010 by forming an Exploratory Committee. Yep. And we have not even elected our mayor yet! I say, yeah baby--bring it on....!!!! Conti is a Democrat, although I had to look hard in her web-site to learn that buried tidbit, even though it was pretty much a given since she is taking on Mr. Leopold. (Hiding party affiliation seems to be the norm these days....)

Conti said, “While John Leopold appears at every photo opportunity, he is missing critical opportunities to strengthen the county for the future.” She believes the county should be doing more to prepare for the influx of new workers in the Fort Meade area and to recruit defense contractors to locate in Anne Arundel County.  “Every business that locates in our county creates additional well-paying jobs for our residents and strengthens our tax base for years to come,” says Conti.

Conti, who has a degree in chemical engineering (and that's not easy task...) has run businesses in five different industries, including the Alliance for Youth Achievement, Inc., a nonprofit that she founded.  The Alliance has helped tens of thousands of orphans in eight countries in Africa and Asia through micro-credit programs and small grants to informal schools, group homes and medical missions.

Conti said her father built a boat when she was a youngster and they sailed it on the Bay--and I like it when candidate can bring that childhood experience with our Bay to the political table.

If her news release and her web-site are any indication of the campaign she is going to run, I am already very impressed. Readers know my feelings about communication skills as a strong indicator of managerial and leadership abilities. The news release was written and sent to me by Rhonda Ellis, an occasional guest contributor to CP. I have never met Ms. Ellis or Ms. Conti but readers can learn more at: (I continue to welcome guest columns by Ms. Ellis and she will be identified as is appropriate)

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