Governor O'Malley Giving Up Some Love For Kenny Kirby ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Governor O'Malley Giving Up Some Love For Kenny Kirby

Thanks to Chuck Weikel and Craig Purcell for posting this photo on their nefarious blog. I guess when you are a party man, you've got to do anything for the party. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. Is it just me or does the governor appear to be, umm, I dunno, not exactly engrossed in The Kodak moment? Maybe a bit like he is wondering how he got suckered into that?  Yeah, I've got to hand it to Wacky Weikel for making last night's event possible. I wonder if the fact that he held it in CastleBay Pub made the difference in being able to bring out the Gov?

Weikel and Kirby and gang may be able to pull the Gov out but they still can't seem to raise a penny for Kirby in his own ward. NOT A PENNY!! The latest form shows $250 from Boss Ellen, over $800 from the ADCC, and two other contributions from a law firm and an auto care company. BUT NOT A PENNY FROM WITHIN HIS OWN WARD.

A similar photo of Ward Seven's Ian Pfeiffer appears on their blog now.

If you really want to get even sicker, check out the filthy racist "anonymous" comments sent in about this to their blog. I will say it again, I have NEVER and will NEVER send an anonymous or pseudonymous comment in to their blog.


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