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Friday, October 30, 2009

Money Continues to Flow in...Mainly To Cohen

As is to be expected, Cohen is still raking in big bucks...somebody had to pay for all those mailers and more mailers to be expected, most of his money comes from deep pocket donors--those that cough up a grand or two grand or two and a half grand--most from outside of the city--AND HUGE donations from other Democrats and Democratic organizations..even someone from Alaska....they are really pouring it in to get Cohen into office...I can only imagine the total he has spent and raised--well in excess of $100k and as recently as a few days ago, he was sending out more mailers asking for more money so he could reform City Hall....AND....lookey here:

MSEA Fund for Children and Publk Ed Code ,.. ITicket Price Cash
140 Main Street C I Check" 8044 $ 500.00
... T, enter price per ticket Rcpt#
Annapolis, MD 21401 Aggregate amount received from Payer to date $

This is the same outfit that funded Kenny Kirby's negative and divisive mailer--and nothing shows up on Kirby's form, so...????

And Cohen pays out $1000 to James "Joe Ghost" Taylor--but what for??? Cedar Park Communications (mailing) and Free State Press (printing)  and Opinion Works (pollsters) are among the big beneficiaries....

Why is the Democratic Central Committee paying Carr Consulting $1,000--twice?  This close associate and contractor for Ellen gets $2000!!!  What does Carr do with this money? How does it trickle down from him do what? Inquiring minds want to know...

The local Republicans raised no money and are almost broke.  The county R's are giving out some bucks

Cordle has raised a lot of money, mostly in modest donations and apparently mostly from people actually living in Annapolis.

Fox has come in third but has raised a respectable amount for someone outside of the parties. Most of his donors, like with Cordle, are in modest donations from people actually in Annapolis.

The firefighters gave Jim Conley some money but that was it (other than his refund from CP for advertising once I yanked it)..and they supported some other candidates too

Ross Arnett has raised some money from within Ward 8, Toews has gotten it from firefighters and Republicans groups.

Why is Ellen still holding fundraisers and building a war chest?

Why is the UA Political Education Committee, which gave $2,500 this cycle to Josh, giving another $1,000 to Ellen? Is it a way to get another $1K to Josh without violating campaign funding limits?

Why is Ellen O paying herself yet another $500 for "field expenses"?

Dems gave a nice chunk of change to the non-incumbent aldermanic candidates.

Mike Busch gave some big bucks to Classie Hoyle.

Ellen doles out money to candidates--and they accept it from her!

But the big story remains---Cohen's mega fundraising from outside sources....We absolutely need to get this stuff figured out and we need big time election and campaign, do you think Fox will do it? Cohen? Cordle?

All the latest campaign finance reports are available here:

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