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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Kenny Kirby Amusement Park Ride

Once again, we see how Ward Sixer Greg Stiverson is rebuffed by the Kirby/Weikel Show when he takes the time and effort and goodwill to create a public forum. Just read the below and wonder why would Kirby actually want to sit at the front of City Council Chambers and engage in deliberative and legislative affairs on our behalf when he will not appear in public with Stiverson? THIS IS A TRAVESTY.  We know why Weikel is leading him around the neck like this, but how can Kirby allow this Naval Academy graduate, exclusionary and elitist downtown resident to call the shots? What is Kirby--a puppet?  Not only that--he responds to Stiverson's respectful and decent requests with the most absurdly inflammatory rhetoric. If past is prelude, is this what we'll come to expect if Kirby is elected.?

Stiverson writes: ____________

I received a call from David at the Robinwood Recreation Center this afternoon. He said that he had spoken with you this morning and that you have agreed to do a community forum at the Robinwood Recreation Center. I'm delighted that we will have an opportunity to meet jointly with the citizens of Ward 6 at Robinwood. David suggested Wednesday, October 21, at 6 p.m., which is fine with me. If this is okay with you, I'll draft a press release announcing the event, which I'll send to you for review and approval before sending it to The Capital, WNAV, and other news outlets.

Do you have preferences for the format of the forum? I suggest we have a moderator--the president of the Robinwood Residents' Association would be appropriate--with a three-minute opening statement by each of us followed by audience questions. Answers to questions should be limited to two minutes or so. We could conclude the forum with a two-minute closing statement. Let me know if you would prefer a different format--I'm flexible.

Would you also like to do a forum at the AME church and at Harbour House?

Kirby responds _________________________________

From: Kenny Kirby <>
Date: Oct 9, 2009
Subject: Re: Robinwood Forum
To: Greg Stiverson <>

Mr Greg:

I am coming to Robinwood to LISTEN to residents. I will NOT engage
you in some sort of quasi debate.

When you listen, no format is required. You are listening. Period.

Your tactics are unfortunate. If you want a voice, then find one.
Don't use mine.

I was hoping you would run a more upright campanign. [sic]

Sent from my iPhone

Oh yeah. You tell him about how to run "A more upright campanign" . I  think Stiverson should appear and say he is there to talk and to listen and then face the folks in Robinwood and politely invite Kirby to join him at the front of the room. If  Kirby does not, let Stiverson have the entire evening to listen to and talk with the public and let the public ask Kirby why he is so unwilling or afraid to sit and face them?  Why is Kirby so rude to Stiverson? Why is he so unwilling to meet him or speak with him? On the other hand, why does he then engage in negative campaigning such as sending out the postcard mailer I described a few days ago in which he said nothing of himself but said  Stiverson is Wrong for Annapolis but Kirby is Right for Annapolis.  Okay, if he is so right, why does he not show us why?

(To think that all this really coming from Kirby's handler-puppeteer Chuck Weikel. Stiverson and Weikel both organized last year's Envision Annapolis seminars yet Weikel now believes Stiverson is wrong for Annapolis and Kirby is right.)

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tlh said...

Oooh Fun-fun-fun! OOOOOh-the spelling police are here?!

OK - so Kenny didn't use his spellcheck b4 hitting send - but do you know he's not the only guilty one. Have you noticed that a certain candidate for City Council misspelled the word "government" on his/her main piece of campaign literature?

Personally, I found that mighty unimportant but also mighty amusing!

Paul Foer said...

OKay. OKay....I make spelling errors on occasion and have typos too but I am putting out hundreds if not thousands of words a day, every day--without an editor. A candidate who puts out a one-time piece to a large audience one time and cannot show proper English, makes many mistakes, gets the name of the newspaper wrong, abbreviates the state improperly and makes even more mistakes is not just guilty of a minor error. It shows a serious lack of attention to detail, general sloppiness, and maybe even hints at something more troubling. What's worse is it was supposedly generated by a professional. In the case of Kirby, many things he puts out from emails to his web-site have errors on them.

Yes I knew I was going to get grief for that one...

Paul Foer said...

(I was writing about the Silverman news release as well...)

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