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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Mayoral Candidate's Different Viewpont about The Senior Luncheon

Chris Fox and Dave Cordle each independently and without any solicitation on my part reported to CP that at Wednesday's Senior Luncheon at the Bates Heritage Complex/Annapolis Senior Center, they were invited to attend and make some brief remarks. The candidates showed up to find--lo and behold that Josh Cohen had already been there and was hard at work serving up luncheon for the seniors.  Fox and Cordle seemed perturbed at what appeared unusual to them, or so they thought that Cohen had somehow gotten a different kind of invitation to make him appear more involved in the event. This would explain why they told me about it.

This is the note I received from Cohen's Campaign Manager Kathy Nieberding in response to my inquiry:

"Josh was asked to make brief remarks in the afternoon. Josh offered to volunteer to help with the lunch.  It has been a tradition among the members of the ADCC to serve food for the Seniors Luncheon and the Holiday Luncheon, and volunteers are always needed. 

As with any volunteer opportunity, one needs to step up and offer to assist.  Josh did so.  The ADCC did so, too. Hopefully next year, more volunteers will assist the seniors if you intend to promote it in your blog."

Hmm...I guess she has a good point there. Cordle and Fox could certainly have volunteered. I've volunteered at various special meals like that over the years and half the battle is showing up. Had information been sent to me I probably would have posted it here.

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