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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kirby's, Conley's and Pierre's Finance Reports Finally Showed Up

Hey, Better Late Than for Shropshire???

Kirby and Conley are raising very little money. Kirby got $500 from the District 30 Democrats and ZERO from anyone else--not even small contributions and has one of the sloppiest, most unreadable reports I've ever seen. But hey--if you can't get them in on time--does neatness get extra credit?

As for Pierre, she continued to raise money--almost all of it from outside of Annapolis, and she still has a fair amount of cash. She spent many thousands of dollars for John Spencer, Curtis Spencer and Zastro Simms for Field Exercises (FE) and lots of money on meals in restaurants. The candidate spent $524 for materials to learn Spanish. The report is full of corrections and addenda that would likely require a forensic accountant to understand.  See:


Anonymous said...

FE=Field Expenses

Field exercises are likely a military thing.

But the payments to these guys is pretty high!

Paul Foer said...

thanks for the correction---I purposely did that to see if anyone was paying attention....what do those filed exercises really mean? Boy do we need an overhaul of the election code...

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