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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More on Kenny Kirby...continued...

As I showed in a previous post, Kirby is mysterious, little is known about him and he makes every effort to maintain that stance. All the while he is a puppet to "Wacky" Chuck Weikel and Craig "Pure Zeal" Purcell on their deceitful and divisive blog where they attack almost anyone with whom they don't agree with 100 percent and maintain a special place in their heart for yours truly CP. They post distortions, half-truth and misleading and mendacious pieces, then they write in their own "anonymous" comments to add to the fire. They engage in bizarre mental deception and twisted logic, all the while projecting their own fears and hate while engaging in just what they claim their targets are doing. Weird stuff indeed. They must find it amusing.

And they constantly play the race card, most notoriously by finding ever new ways to call yours truly a racist and therefore intimidate me into backing down about any political writing about Kenny Kirby or any Black candidate. Don't these guys get it? I am an equal opportunity exploiter. Making a Black candidate "hands off" to scrutiny or questioning is racist in and of itself. And for downtown elitists and historic preservationists Weikel and Pure Zeal Purcell to point a finger at Greg Stiverson for being a downtown historic preservationist elitist is just beyond comprehension.  But on to the mysterious Mr. Kirby.

A couple of weeks ago, two sources, each unsolicited and unknown to each other presented me with what appeared to be legitimate print-outs of database background checks on Mr. Kirby. They each used the same date of birth and the same social security number to reveal a long history of financial and legal problems, which I felt presented a pretty serious situation, which if true, would make Kirby a most unsuitable candidate for public office and was most assuredly a matter of public interest. Adding to my interest was Kirby's repeated refusal to provide any background about himself and his close association with an support from Chuck Weikel, a Democratic activist and demagogue whose divisive activities and inflammatory rhetoric are well know to many in Annapolis.

THE FIRST THING I DID WAS TO WRITE TO MR KIRBY WITH NO MORE INFORMATION THAN TO LIST THE STATES WHERE THESE ACTIVITIES OCCURRED AND TO ASK HIM TO MEET WITH ME to provide comments and information. I did no further investigating--again, it's not my place but I felt that Kirby deserved to look at everything first and to do so privately. Instead of a reply from Kirby, I soon received an email response and a phone call from ADCC Chair Nick Berry:

Kenny assures me that there is nothing legal or illegal about him from Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Georgia. These issues apparently raised in his last try for office were retracted as baseless. There are folks out these spreading all sorts of false information. Unless you have something I don't know about, dubious charges could hurt your credibility. If you think they are credible, give me a chance to check them out.

A bunch of questions are raised here. Why did Kirby not respond to me? Until that point, the issue was between me and Kirby. By responding,Berry brought official ADCC involvement. If Kirby (and or Weikel) could send information to Berry, why not answer me? What did Berry mean by saying "there is nothing legal or illegal about him...."??? At the time I had no idea what Berry was referring to when he wrote, "These issues apparently raised in his last try for office..." nor did I even recall that he had run for office. "There are folks out these [sic] spreading all sorts of false information"... Yes there are, so why would Kirby not want to make sure he would take advantage of my offer to work directly with him and him alone to answer questions? And as far as I know, the only people out there spreading false information are ADCC member Chuck Weikel and his sidekick Craig Purcell. What has the ADCC or Berry done about that? Nothing.

Berry said, "Unless you have something I don't know about, dubious charges could hurt your credibility."

I had to think about that one--was Berry trying to make a thinly-veiled threat? He insists he was not doing anything of the sort. Why would he feel the need to lecture me about use of "dubious" sources? He concluded, "If you think they are credible, give me a chance to check them out."  Suddenly the ADCC was interested in investigating or vetting a candidate. 

I replied:

Nick  I have not provided this information to you. I provided it out of respect first to Mr Kirby. He did not answer me but instead had you call me.

There are no charges as yet--dubious or otherwise-by me, or as far as I know, by anyone else. I don't know a thing about other charges raised before.

I would prefer that Mr Kirby contact me, but he has been completely unwilling to do that despite repeated attempts. He is the candidate and should speak for himself. I am not going to provide any further information until I have spoken with him --but at least this proves he does receive email.

____________Thanks  PMF

Then it gets ugly--and why? Once again because of Weikel and Purcell. They quickly posted one of their disgusting and hateful blog posts including a specially-designed graphic to portray yours truly as being a fisherman out for blood on Kirby. The blog post included my private email to Kirby! How weird. Weikel and Kirby took the bait that I did not even put out there for them to take. I treated Kirby with respect by going to him and him alone but then Weikel and Purcell blew the whole thing wide open--or at least as wide as their fetid blog would allow--but publish they did and as usual, they followed up their own blog posting with "anonymous" comments they wrote. All were designed to intimidate me by suggesting that I am a racist and trying to damage Kirby because he is Black.  The funny thing is that I suspect the only reason these downtown elitists are supporting Kirby is because he is Black and a Democrat.

Here is my original and private e-mail to Kirby which Weikel and Purcell posted as if I had done some awful thing by confidentially asking him to respond to information I had:
Dear Mr. Kirby:

I have given you every opportunity to provide information about your campaign and your background, and to appear at one of our weekly gatherings. You have ignored or rebuffed me repeatedly.

I have been provided with some information about your background in Maryland and other states that I believe will be of relevance in this campaign. I am asking you to meet with me so I may get your comments and make sure you are aware of the information. I will be calling you as well because I want to give you every opportunity to respond and answer questions.

Please contact me as soon as possible.

________Paul Foer

Got that? A private email to Kirby from me gets response from Berry about "dubious charges" and then Kirby's attack-dog handlers go on the offensive and unwittingly blow the whole story open. Here are just some of the so-called "anonymous" comments that came in to their despicable blog (most if not all are written by the blog's authors):

"Is he being paid by these candidates to bring down opponents?"

"Where is Foer on digging up dirt the other candidates of a different color?"

"If you are not on the list, you are fair game for Paul to crawl out from under his rock, take a swipe at you and then crawl back in and blame it on Facebook."

 "Who made Paul Foer judge and jury? I am sick of him and his antics."

"Is it time for some equal opportunity smearing ?"

"How did he get Kirby's cell number?"

"Does Foer and the Capital coordinate investigative efforts and share information ?"

In regard to the last two statements, I don't even know if I have his cell phone number and if I do, so what? Kirby's number is posted on the city's web-site. It's 443-454-0834. As for the final question, The Capital and I do not coordinate anything. I am an independent columnist but I am not an investigative reporter. I just don't get paid enough for it and yes, in this case, we shared some information, but it was not anything already available to The Capital. But yes, thanks to Weikel and Purcell blowing this story open, I did provide the information I had on Kirby to The Capital. THANKS GUYS!!! There is nothing wrong with me or anyone doing that. Anyone who has a problem with that can go live in North Korea. Chuck and Craig might like that. All housing is public there and spying on your neighbors is the national past-time. Plus, criticizing the government is a crime punishable by death.

Soon I will show what I have on Kenneth Kirby, based on a matching date of birth and matching social security number and after all of this, I think it's time for Kirby and the ADCC to come clean, fully investigate and if appropriate, take action concerning his candidacy. I already gave Kirby the benefit of the doubt and the chance to sit down with me and provide his story. We know how that went. Out of respect to him, I did not provide that information to Nick Berry. IN a conversation with House Speaker Mike Busch, I also let him know about the information I had and suggested he have Berry and Kirby meet with me. And I am now extending my hand to Kirby again--for him to shake firmly and talk with me or for him to slap me with. It's up to him before I show my hand to you the public, but I have already given him more opportunities than would be expected and it was he and Weikel and Purcell, not me, who broke this story. And remember--when they did it, their intent was to harm me....more to come  soon...

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Ellis said...

These guys are nutty!!!

I don't like the internet sometimes, especially when people post "anonymously". Such total BS.

I think it's clear what's going on here.

I say release the info! Last thing I want to see in Annapolis is another Zina moment and then watch the Demachine appoint whoever they want regardless of what the voters want.

serickson11 said...

This is what the street calls plantation politics. The white guys still call the shots but they use African Americans to front for them.

It goes beyond reverse racism. It exploits poverty and demeans humanity.

I am proud of you Paul for standing up to these kinds of evil shenanigans.

But ultimately the decent African Americans, and I have found that 90 percent are even though they have every right to be angry at how America has treated them for more than 400 years, the decent African Americans need to stand up against these abusers of their rights and dignity.

I know this will happen; it is only a matter of time. Freedom, freedom now!

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