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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Latest Email Blast From Kenny Kirby

To: (deleted)
Subject:        A Special Message
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 15:43:55 -0500

"I am sure you have been watching as recent events have unfolded.  First Zina Pierre, now Josh Cohen, Classie Hoyle and I.[uhh...I think you meant to write "me"]

Under the guise of supporting the city manager proposals, Trudy McFall has decided to endorse my Republican opponent.  Ms. McFall then went on to endorse Alderwoman Classie Hoyle's Republican opponent.  It's a good thing Alderwowan [uhh--that's Alderwoman] Sheila Finlayson] doesn't have an opponent -- or that person would have been endorsed as well! [that's quite a leap of faith, but why would he think it's ever good for voters to have unopposed campaigns?]

Do you see the pattern here? [uh no...enlighten me please]

To cap it off, she also endorsed the Republican candidate for mayor over our Democrat Josh Cohen.

We will not be fooled. [now why would anyone ever think that?] The people of Annapolis must speak on November 3rd through the ballot box. [yes-and he is doing everything possible to keep the voters from knowing anything about him--and attacking his opponent] Reject the exclusionary and elist [I think you mean elitist] agenda of Greg Stiverson and Trudy McFall.


Once again I will ask, what is Mr. Kirby's agenda, or should we simply say it is Mr. Weikel's agenda? And what is the meaning of the question, "do you see the pattern here?"  One can only speculate. In fact that's about all anyone can do with Kirby Kenny is to speculate. Speculate about what does he do? Where has he lived? What is his background? What are his issues? What makes him qualified to be on City Council? Why should one vote for him? All we see from his campaign is he repeatedly rejects every invitation to meet and speak publicly with his opponent and then publicly smears his opponent with labels such as exclusionary and elitist--and never seems to get a publication out or anything on his thin web-site without spelling and grammatical errors.

C'mon Mr Kirby--or should I address this to Mr Weikel, your "handler"? If you cannot tell the public about your background, your ideas, your skills, your experiences or speak in public, how can you possibly sit upfront in a chair in City Council Chambers and be a lawmaker? I have never said you are not qualified, I just don't know anything about you, though not for lack of trying on my part. Why not meet publicly with your opponent or speak with him at a forum or debate him? What is it that compels you to run away from such reasonable requests?

Tell us why you want to be and will make a good Alderman. Write something up! I'll publish it here where it will be read by many thousands of more readers than read it at that Weikel Purcell blog. Why won't Weikel let you do this? Why do you let this exclusionary Naval Academy graduate, businessman and downtown elitist order you around? Can we have a spell check in Ward Six? Spell check in Ward Six please!!

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Debbie Yatsuk said...

You make me laugh Paul, but the match up in Ward 6 does not. Being an advocate for nonpartisan elections at the municipal level, I just look at the candidate and don't care about the party, which actually can be a nuisance. Stiverson is so head over heels more qualified and more interested in serving on City Council that this race is a no brainer. But to see Cohen and Busch give Kirby money, tells me it's all about the political machine, with no regard to what is best for the people.

It's all a puppet show, with Kirby, Cohen, Finlayson, Hoyle, Silverman all dancing on a string. I didn't like Moyer's show....and certainly don't want a rerun of it. Time for a new script!

Debbie Yatsuk

Paul Foer said...

Debbie Thanks! Non-partisan elections--the next big charter amendment coming down the road...I am glad I make you laugh..Catch my show tonight. I'll be here all week and so will the veal...

Anonymous said...

This was funny, in a sort of academic manner. I surely hope that the candidate did not write this email himself. If he did, then he loses on the point of his failure in the educational system, by not learning how to spell or form complete sentences. (Or by use of spell check). I am continually dumbfounded by candidates misuse of the English language, especially when they use big, "Important" sounding words and then totally use it in the wrong context. It also provides me with no end of humor.


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