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Thursday, October 22, 2009

OhNine OnLine for October 22


If you have not yet read my Ninth Ward column in this week's The Capital, please pick one up at your news stand or click here: Kenny Kirby Us and Them 


Thursday, October 22, 8-9 a.m., SIP N' BLOG--this week's special guest is Chris Fox, Independent for Mayor and we will be meeting at Sly Fox Pub, on State Circle, just below Street level, enter on Cathedral St.. We will not meeting until 12 pm or 2 am...just until 9 am and we will be live on 1430 WNAV at 0815. THIS THURSDAY....CP invites all candidates and interested parties to join us for a bus ride on an Annapolis Transit bus. Learn first-hand from CP what's right and what needs to be fixed on our city buses. A perfect opportunity for candidates AND voters to learn abut Annapolis Transit. Join us outside of Sly Fox Pub just after Sip N' Blog at about 0915 and let's go for a ride!

Thursday October 22, Annapolis Rotary Club Mayoral Candidates Lunch and Forum, 12:15 until 1:30 pm, Annapolis Yacht Club, 2 Compromise Street, Seating is limited but some tickets may be available at the door for $25.

Thursday, October 22, 7 p.m. The Annapolis Forum is proud to announce a partnership with the Ward One Residents Association to co-present a televised debate between the candidates for mayor at Maryland Hall. This event is being sponsored by What's Up? Annapolis magazine. Moderating the debate will be St. John's College President Christopher B. Nelson, Naval Academy Political Science Professor Howard Ernst and Center for the Study of Local Issues Director Dan Nataf.

Thursday 22 October, Ward 8 Public Meeting With Alderman Ross Arnett, 7 PM, Eastport Fire Station to discuss budget, public safety, market house and other issues. (this was scheduled before tonight's mayoral forum was scheduled)


Friday, October 23, 7:30 to 8:45 a.m. Almost 7:30 Friday Morning Democratic Breakfast. Eastport Democratic Club, 525 State Street, Annapolis 21403 (corner of State and Chester). Democratic Candidates for Aldermen Mathew Silverman, Ward 5; Kenny Kirby, Ward 6; and Ian Pfeiffer, Ward 7. Cost: $6. To receive notices of upcoming speakers, contact Edie Segree at easegree@comcast.net.

Friday, October 23rd, Chris Fox for Mayor, Hunt Meadow Cocktail Meet and Greet, 6:00 pm
Home of Melissa Hayes, 425 Fox Hollow Lane, Annapolis, MD 21403, ALL ARE WELCOME - RSVP @ 410-280-2647 (food and drinks will be served)

A pre-election gathering for Annapolitans working in or supporting the arts to meet Josh Cohen, Democratic candidate for Mayor, will be held at the Annapolis Collection Gallery, 45 West Street, on Friday, October 23 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. RSVP to Katherine Burke, Katherine@annapoliscollection.com or 410-280-1414. Refreshments will be served. The event is free and open to the public.

Saturday, October 24, 2009 - Coffee with Scott Bowling for Alderman, Ward Three 9:00am - 10:00 am, Starbucks, 1901 West Street

LISTEN TO CP Publisher Paul Foer on 1430WNAV at 8:15 every weekday morning.
 READ CP Publisher Paul Foer's "The Ninth Ward" every Wednesday in The Capital
JOIN US EACH THURSDAY 8-9 am for our Sip N' Blogs normally at ZU Coffee, 934 Bay Ridge Road in the Giant Shopping Center.Oct 22--Chris Fox (at Sly Fox Pub State Circle)Oct 29--Dave Cordle at Zu Coffee. Stop by on your way to work for your morning latte and meet other local activists. Zu now has a drive-through window!


Allen Furth said...


I read your Ninth Ward article this morning and I very much liked your comments and insights. There are many times when I, and my friends, don't agree with you - and my friends tend to let you know it, but this time I think that you're right on.

Paul Foer said...

Thanks--my concern has never been whether people agree or disagree, it's always been about engaging the public in civil discourse. Signed comments are always welcomed.

Craig Purcell said...

You might want to check your facts - Kenneth Kirby graduated from Annapolis High School in 1973.


Paul Foer said...

Yes I stand corrected. That meant he was 19 when he graduated high school. Okay, so I was off by four years on that--a minor error but an error never the less which I am happy to admit. Thank you.
I assume that means everything else in my article was correct? Try as you might, oh you who has little respect for facts or truth,please keep trying to find something of significance I got wrong. Perhaps if Kirby would come forward with the facts of his background we would all know more. Instead he is leaving it up to others to find out. And while he asks for our vote and tells us next to nothing--why get upset with me for getting a date wrong when the only thing he tells us about his college background is that he was president of a school club??? Now I published your comment because of my respect for facts--even though this is of little significance and not out of respect for you. I am not going to engage in a back and forth with you. If I get a fact wrong again-I will publish your note about it, but why not try really hard and prove me wrong on something of importance?

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