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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tax Cap Petition Drive Endorses All Republican Candidates

The Annapolis Tax Cap Petition Drive has gathered over 3000 signatures in three months and will continue gathering signatures for a Tax Cap Charter Amendment, but is also endorsing the candidates who sign a pledge to vote for a tax cap if elected. The campaign is endorsing those it calls "the reform candidates" including  Dave Cordle for mayor, and Fred Paone, Scott Bowling, Jim Conley, Greg Stiverson, Jennifer Monteith, and Rock Toews for city council.

Tax Cap Chairman Herb McMillan noted, “Charter Amendments are moved forward by either council vote or petition. Our petition signers have a great opportunity to elect a mayor and five council members who have pledged to vote for a Tax Cap Charter Amendment. Their election would relieve us of the need to gather another 2000 signatures, and enact a tax cap more quickly”

"The need for a city tax cap limiting tax increases to no more than the rate of inflation, just like Anne Arundel counties’ has never been greater. Taxes and spending are out of control. Average city homeowner taxes have increased 74% in eight years, while county taxes have only increased 8%. Despite this record tax hike, the city council had to borrow money to balance the budget this year, and increased spending again. Over the next two years, Annapolis projects a $25 million deficit that will cost every property owner a 50% tax increase to pay off. That’s an $800/yr. tax increase for the average homeowner," said McMillan.

The candidates signing the pledge to vote for a tax cap today share the Tax Drive's passion for fiscal reform. Additionally, they all support a Council-Manager Charter Amendment.

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Paul Richards said...

Although seemingly similar to Mom & Apple Pie . . . the outcome of a Tax Cap is usually (a) a elimination of necessary services, (b) some of the needed services being picked up by another entity [State, Federal or, unlikely in our case, County] and (c) work-arounds that have unintended consequences.

The California tax cap, Prop 2, meant that the State shouldered a larger & larger amount of the education bill -- over 50%. Then, the cities complained that the State was managing "their" school system. Then, the State had a financial crisis. So, did Prop 2 help the local school systems. No. People are departing California, and their once excellent schools, etc.

A Tax Cap is a nasty "Starve The Beast" trick by those who hate government, especially government that helps poor people and/or tries to regulate the Tax Cap proponent's greed.

Only people with incomes over $1,000,000 or property over $2,00,000 should selfishly vote for a Tax Cap. Else, the others who are duped into a Tax Cap will rue the day when their government fails them. How many closed libraries or fire houses or schools can you afford?

Also selfish is a retired person voting for the Tax Cap, i.e., against schools, since they do not have any children. But try to sell your house if crime is up or roads are bad or educational quality is down. A Tax Cap is very short-sighted. Unintended consequences will get you every time.

Vote for frugal government, but don't handcuff our government.


Paul Foer said...

OKay..put a piece together and send it in as a guest editorial..... thanks

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