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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OhNine OnLine for October 28


Don't forget that you can hear CP "On the Foerfront" live on 1430WNAV every weekday morning at 8:15 but if you miss the live program , you can hear it at www.1430wnav.com/onthefoerfront.mp3   Just click and listen!

Josh Cohen needs our help!  He needs more money, more money, more money...or so he asks us in his latest email blast. Well of course he needs more and more and more of our money to keep sending out more and more fancy, glossy, colorful mailers to ask us for more money. He needs more of our money so he can "fundamentally change the way business is done at City Hall. Together we can restore fiscal responsibility..." Hmmm. hmm.. hey wait a minute!!! I don't get how using all of our money to promote their agendas with fancy communications and publications will fundamentall...oh nevermind...!!!

Speaking of the plethora of Cohen mailers, consider how he is basically indicting Ellen Moyer, his one-time ally and mentor: He wants to make City Hall "More effective, transparent and accountable."
He says that "Now more than ever we need a Mayor who listens, who is accessible and engaged and who has the temperament to bring our town together."  Yeah. He's sounding a common chord among all candidates this past few months. Don't be like Ellen. Of course he was always hesitant to ever seem as if he was saying anything negative about Ellen--until his pollsters started telling him how widely she is despised by the citizens. I don't know what voters will think about seeing Classie Hoyle and Ross Arenett warm up to him and endorse him in two of those mailers. Where has Sheila Finlayson been lately? She came out early on and endorsed Cohen. My guess is they want to keep that quiet so as not to upset any of Pierre's supporters.  Hmm...Hmmm...

TONIGHT: District 30 Democrats--Wednesday, October 28 (the fourth Wednesday of the month) at Asbury United Methodist Church, 87 West Street, Annapolis. Doors open at 6 p.m.; the meeting starts promptly at 6:30 p.m.  Democratic mayoral candidate Josh Cohen will be with us for the start of the meeting, and Speaker Mike Busch and Delegate Virginia Clagett will speak.  We'll hear from the mayoral and aldermanic campaigns about the final push before the November 3 election in the City of Annapolis....and at the same time, renegade Democratic activist and rabble-rouser Chuck Weikel, in  deliberate snub of his own party, is hosting some sort of a fundraiser for candidates Kenny Kirby, Ian Pfeiffer and Mat Silverman at the same time at CastleBay Pub....while I can understand why Kirby would go, I would think the other guys would run in the opposite direction....Silverman, a county policeman, is working that night and did not even know he was being featured at the event.

Wednesday, Oct 28, 7:00 to 9:00 PM, League of Women Voters and WNAV Mayoral Debate at BayWoods Retirement Community, 7101 Bay Front Drive (off  Edgewood Rd near Port Annapolis Marina)


Thursday, October 29, SIP n" BLOG with DAVE CORDLE at Zu Coffee, Bay Ridge Giant Shopping Center, 8-9 am. PLEASE!!!! Afterward, join us for a 60 minute educational tour of Annapolis Transit. Hear first-hand from former Annapolis Transit Marketing Specialist and CP Publisher PAUL FOER about what's right--and what's not so right about our bus system. Because of the limited service and bad timing at Bay Ridge (I'll explain later) let us drive with participants back to the Eastport Plaza bus customer shelter by 0930 on Monroe Street and take the Green Route at 9:40, transfer at Spa Road at 10 to the Yellow bus and return to Eastport on the Yellow Route by 10:15 or so.  YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED...

Friends of Dave Cordle Press Conference Thursday, October 29, 12:00 p.m., Eastport Fire Station, 916 Bay Ridge Avenue, Important campaign announcements and endorsement: Public Safety, Traffic & Development, and Endorsement from Annapolis Professional Firefighters, Local 1926. Cordle says “The people of Annapolis deserve to have the best trained and best equipped public safety professionals working for them, and I will ensure that both our police and fire departments are fully staffed and efficiently responsive to our citizens.”   

10:00 AM, Democratic mayoral candidate Josh Cohen will be joined by Speaker of the House Mike Busch and Public Safety leaders to lay out his specific plans to make Annapolis safer as mayor.  Josh will also make a major announcement regarding the police chief in his administration.  The plans will build on Cohen's pledge to fundamentally change the way business is done at City Hall.  10:00 AM Thursday, October 29. In front of Annapolis City Police Headquarters, 199 Taylor Ave. 

Friday, October 30th, Candidates Breakfast and Live Q and A on 103.1 WRNR, exact time TBD
Tune in to hear the answers to your questions!
Friday, October 30th, Truxtun Park Recreation Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony...our 85,000 square foot "green" building....it's exciting but I have mixed feelings about this for many reasons--mostly budgetary, but hey--check it out...273 Hilltop Lane...4:30 open facility, 5:30 dedication, 6:30 reception...

LISTEN TO CP Publisher Paul Foer on 1430WNAV at 8:15 every weekday morning.
READ CP Publisher Paul Foer's "The Ninth Ward" every Wednesday in The Capital
JOIN US EACH THURSDAY 8-9 am for our Sip N' Blogs normally at ZU Coffee, 934 Bay Ridge Road in the Giant Shopping Center. Oct 29--Dave Cordle at Zu Coffee. Nov-5th--mayor-elect? Nov 12--stay tuned. Stop by on your way to work for your morning latte and meet other local activists. Zu now has a drive-through window!


Paul A. Richards said...

Are there any publicly available polls on the Mayor's race? Does anyone have any inside information?

Paul Foer said...

sure they do...and that's why they're called insiders...it costs well over 10 grand so you can imagine which candidate or candidates have it...

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