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Monday, October 12, 2009

To William DeVane, Ron James and Fit Martel...

As soon as you can prove you indeed are real persons and register with me as such in accordance with my posted rules, I will publish your posts--whether I agree with them or not--but anonymously? No thanks. C'mon--how many times do I have to keep saying this?


Bill, Ron and Fit said...

Dear Paul--

In order to know that you will not divulge the personal information you require to comment on the blog, please send us your legal birth name, your physical address for the last three years, phone number, social security number, and a photocopy of the first page of your US issued passport.

I am sure you understand the need for this in these days when identity theft is so rampant.

Thakns for your cooperation!

Bill, Ron and Fit

Paul Foer said...

My legal name is Jehosophat Frumkind Doodlebug. I have lived at 16 Hobbit Lane, The Shire since time immemorial.My phone number is...uhh...phones haven't been invented yet. Social Security? What's that? US never issued me a passport. I just travel freely in the Shire--except to Mordor, where you live. I usually travel with Elfin Bread.

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