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Monday, October 12, 2009

Just For Fun.....Here is A Comment I Received A Week Ago from Jim Conley...

In response to news reports about the city employees going to Pilsen Czech Republic on our dime:

"Paul, This is just another disregard for taxpayer $$!Where was this in the budget? Does the whole entourage have to go or could one or two just go? Could they mail us the trophy? How do rationalize spending this money in tough economic times? 6,000 dollars will not cover 5 people in Europe...it will be way more! It's time for change in Annapolis. This is an example of why we need the TAX CAP! You do not spend, what you do not have!

Jim Conley
Aldermanic Candidate Ward 5

Yeah. You do not spend what you do not have....unless it's other people's money.

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Paul Richards said...


Any tax cap will seem nice for a year or two. But, as California knows, and AA Country is learning, Tax Caps are bad medicine.

We need a more vigilant Mayor & City Council, but not poison pills. If they misuse the City's money, vote them out.

Most of the City Council voted for the things that make some angry. You hired them . . . you can fire them.

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