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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Word About Our New Banner Advertisement

In the interest of transparency and full disclosure, I wanted to let readers know about the appearance of the banner ad for Dave Cordle. Even though Cordle had expressed interest in such an ad many weeks ago, it took me a few weeks to create the banner space. However, I created it not for him but for anyone. The banner space was offered to all three candidates. Only Cordle responded, thus his ad now appears in the banner.

This just cracks me up!!! Hours after posting the above, an alert reader just sent me a notice that Chuck "Wacky" Weikel and Craig "Pure Zeal" Purcell posted an "anonymous" note on their fetid, malignant and maligning blog. They are going to have to work  a lot harder to upset me. The funny thing here is I already posted the above and explained why Cordle has the ad. The other candidates each had their chance as I explained. Hey--it's the free market! Here is the anonymous posting (which I believe was written by Weikel and Pure Zeal) for your reading ...er..pleasure (warning---what they wrote is in very bad taste and you may find it offensive....consider yourself warned!):

Anonymous said...
BREAKING NEWS: Dave Cordle Purchases Annapolis Capital Punishment Blog. Promises former publisher, Paul Foyer a corner office in City Hall and a brand new laptop. The former blog is now called CORDLE FOR MAYOR! In related news, Foyer was seen purchasing large amounts of vaseline at the local Rite Aid before heading to Cordle's Campaign HQ for a "meeting".

1 Comment:

tlh said...

oooh ooohh ooohhh!

I see, Gunner Cordle simply took advantage of a "volunteer opportunity" just like J. Cohen did at the Senior Luncheon.

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